Pecos Bill's Birthday

From: Slue-Foot Sue

Join Us!

We are celebrating Pecos Bill's 21st Birthday, at our ranch in Pecos, TX, and we want you to come!

RSVP back to 215-999-5656

Pecos Bill's 21st Birthday

Saturday, May 25th, 7:45pm

Pecos, TX. At our ranch!

Bring your boots, hat, and your own rope, because we are going to have our own shindig! Let Loose and have a little fun with us!

Whats going down!

First we are gonna surprise Pecos when he walks in for supper. After that we are going to have a bull riding contest (That's Pecos's favorite). Then comes our famous "Catch the Coyote." When we catch all the coyotes we are going to move on to the Wild Horse Races. Lastly we are going to decorate our new boots (that you get as a party favor).

Wish List

♥ New Rope

♥ Saddle For Widow Maker

♥ A New Blue Cowboy Hat

♥ Blue Spurs to match his boots

♥ a Spiffy new horse wagon