How Knowledge Will Be Used

Computer Technology and the rest of my life!

Usage in School

In almost every class I have ever been in, there has been some kind of paper I am required to write, particularly English classes. Because I now know how to format these things easily, I will be able to prove to my teachers that I am a competent student who is confident with her work and who is trustworthy, which are very important in a student/teacher relationship. I will use the things I learned in computer technology to improve my work and to make it stand out from the crowd.

Usage at Home

I will use what I learned in computer technology at home by organizing numbers better and being able to create budgets and keep track of finances. I will also be able to use spreadsheets and such to help me make quick calculations and to organize information.

Usage at a Future Workplace

My entire life I have known that I wanted to have a profession. Because of my strengths and interests, I am fairly sure that I will end up in a job that will require presentations. Having taken this class, I will now be able to use more than one form of presentation, and because I know how to animate and illuminate these presentations, I will most likely capture more attention than I would otherwise. This class will help me present things in the workplace and maintain attention so I will be better respected.