Queen Liliuokalani

American Imperialism Activity


In 1893, a group of Americans and Europeans, in the fervor of imperialism, attempted to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom, depose the Queen, and gain annexation of Hawaii to the United States.

The Queen was deposed in that same year and temporarily relinquished her throne to "the military forces of the United States". She had hoped the United States, like Great Britain earlier in Hawaiian history, would restore her right to rule her people.


Cause: Queen Liliuokalani succeeded her brothers position as the ruler of Hawaii. She was fairly well liked, but her support slowly started to wane in favor of countries like England and America, whom the people of Hawaii felt were better rulers than the queen. This helped the Americas annex Hawaii because their was so little resistance from the peoples who welcomed the change.

During American imperialism, America set its sights on The Hawaiian islands. With a point in the pacific in between Asia and America, it was a key location for refueling of planes and boats. They were able to depose queen Liliuokalani's position as queen and annex Hawaii for their own.

Characteristic: the queen was able to extricate herself from prison by relinquishing her throne. "I saw in a moment, what they did not, that, even were I not complying under the most severe and exacting duress, by this demand they had overreached themselves. There is not, and never was, within the range of my knowledge, any such a person as Liliuokalani Dominis"

Significance: due to America annexing Hawaii, it had become a state of the U.S. this also helped strengthen the Americas sway in the Pacific Ocean, which will be integral in the wars that came after.