FPHS Parent and Student Memo

Jan. 4, 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy New Year!

  • We will return from Winter Break on January 4, 2021.
  • MLK Jr. Day: January 18. No school.
  • Monday, January 25: No school.
  • FPHS in the news! Take a few minutes to listen to this KNKX news story about how our students are continuing to try to build and enhance community and culture while in remote learning. Listen HERE.
  • PARENTS, in our ongoing efforts to support equity and serve our community, we're hoping to collect some feedback from you. If possible, please take 2 minutes to complete this brief SURVEY. Thanks!

Please, make sure you have all the info below. We miss you and wish you all the very best. Stay safe and be well!

FPHS Choir: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Click the button above to enjoy some HOLIDAY MAGIC from our FPHS Choir!


December Culture Calendar

Students and Families, take some time this month to learn something new about a culture and share it with others.

December is ...

  • Universal Human Rights Month. Learn more HERE.
  • 12/3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Learn more HERE.

  • 12/10 - 12/18: Hanukkah. Learn more HERE.

  • 12/10: Human Rights Day. Learn more HERE.

  • 12/12: Fiesta de Guadalupe. Learn more HERE.

  • 12/25: Christmas. Learn more HERE.

  • 12/26: Kwanzaa. Learn more HERE.

  • 12/31: New Years Eve. Learn more HERE.

  • Cardinal Character Trait for December: GRATITUDE!

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January Culture Calendar

Students and Families, take some time this month to learn something new about a culture and share it with others.

January is ...

  • Poverty in America Awareness Month: Learn more HERE.
  • 1/1: NEW YEARS DAY: Learn more HERE.
  • 1/18: DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY: Learn more HERE.

    Cardinal Character Trait for January: DETERMINATION!

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Just for fun ...

What is determination | short film


How to Pay for College: 6 Best Ways to Help Pay for College

Family and Community Engagement

The Franklin Pierce High School Food & Hygiene Pantry is available for all students and their families and will begin after we return from Winter Break on January 4.

Use this LINK to view our current food & hygiene pantry options. Please mark the items you need and staff will put together a bag or box. We will contact you when your bag is ready for pick up or delivery.

Additional ways to request items: You can request a paper copy of this form by contacting Bonita Lee at blee@fpschools.org or call 253-298-3837 to request items via phone.

Homework Center: Free Tutoring Daily

Our FPHS Homework Center is open 5 days per week. You can receive help and support for any class from Mr. Rhue and Mr. Bofa.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11am to 12pm and 2pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesdays: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

HW Center LINK.

Assessment Center!

The Assessment Center is fully functional via Teams for any student who needs to make-up or retake an assessment. A link to the assessment center scheduling page is available on all teachers' Canvas pages and HERE. The link will direct students to the Bookings calendar so that they can schedule a time to take the assessment that works best for them. Students can also select the notification option in the scheduler to receive a reminder via email. We strongly suggest that you do this. Once the student schedules their assessment, they should notify their teacher, so the assessment and test codes are sent to Assessment Center staff.

FPHS Sports!!!

Parents and Athletes,

The condition program has been a success and will continue after we return from the Thanksgiving break. The program will still only take place outdoors in the stadium from 3:30PM – 4:45PM. The new additional dates are the following Tuesdays and Thursdays (12/1, 12/3, 12/8, 12/10, and 12/15) Any additional dates or continuation of this program will be communicated out through email, from coaches, and through social media.

If you have not registered yet and would like to take part. Here is the link to register for the program.


When athletes arrive we ask that they wear masks before leaving motor vehicles or arriving on campus. We ask that athletes practice social distancing guidelines while staff members perform pre-participation testing requirements that include daily temperature checks.

Parents please help in ensuring these safety protocols are followed. These protocols are essential in ensuring the continuation of the program and ensuring the safety of our coaches, athletes, and community.

As a reminder, here are the preparticipation protocols and requirements for participating athletes.

FPSD Daily Screening Protocols

· All coaches, student-athletes and approved school personnel are required to complete an in-person COVID-19 Screening PRIOR to entrance to the training session.

· Temperature will be taken of each person attending the training session.

· Screening questions will be asked of each person attending the training session. This allows coaches to interact directly with the student-athlete.

· Any coach or student-athlete answering yes will not be allowed to enter the facility or practice. Contact parent/guardian immediately about next steps and pick-up from practice.

· No parents or spectators will be allowed at Fall Training in-person practices. Only coaches, student-athletes cleared for practice, athletic trainers, and approved school personnel will be permitted. Others are welcome to wait in their vehicle or return after practice for student pick-up.

· Coaches will receive training/instruction on all screening protocol prior to conducting any training session.

Other Requirements

· Cloth masks will be properly worn by student-athletes any time they are not participating in drills. Entering and exiting the facility, moving around the facility, occupying the sideline, etc. To the extent possible masks should be worn during training.

· Students will bring their own clothing, towels, and other personal equipment. Sharing of any equipment is NOT allowed.

· Everyone will bring their own container of water to drink. Sharing is NOT allowed. Water faucets will not be available to use.

· Gathering size meets TPCHD and State DOH guidelines. This number will depend on multiple criteria such as TPCHD metric status, State DOH Guidelines, WIAA guidelines for each sport, indoor or outdoor training, and capacity of the facility.

· Maintain distancing protocols per State DOH, WIAA and TPCHD guidelines.

· Practicing physical distancing of more than 6 feet is always required of all participants.

Athletic Update - Friday, October 30th

SENIOR Yearbook Photos and SENIOR Grad Ads!

Hello Seniors!

This is a reminder from your FPHS Yearbook Crew that senior portraits are due by 1/6/21 (due date was extended). The deadline for Senior Grad Ads is 3/12/21. Below are instructions on how to upload them online (do not send photos via email). Please, remember this is for seniors only. Underclassmen who want to submit photos will have the opportunity to do so at a later date. Thanks!


School Resources:

COVID- 19 Resources:

Community Resources:

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DAILY/WEEKLY SCHEDULE: (Note: 2pm to 3pm is asynchronous/homework time for students)

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Need help with time management or organization?

Students and Parents,

If you're noticing that managing asynchronous time has become a challenge, please use the Weekly Planner attachment below to organize your day. If you're organized and managing your time wisely, you should be finished with all of your schoolwork by 3pm each day. If you're using this planner and still not able to finish by 3pm, please contact your teachers or the HW Center for additional help.

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