is sacrificing your individuality worth pursuing your dream?

The cost of pursuing a dream is individuality.

going against moral values makes you less of an individual

In Inside Job, the investment banks knowingly promoted Internet companies that would fail. The companies "turned their back on society, corrupted our political system and plunged the world economy into crisis" according to the narrater of Inside Job (Ferguson). The financial industry knew that they were being unfair and doing wrong, which goes against human moral values. Everyone knows right from wrong and the financial industry was intentionally doing the wrong thing. The people who ran this industry became less individual by standing up for what is right. Instead, they chose to go with the flow that is hurting others for one's benefit. In "Greed is Good," Gordon Gekko argues that it is okay to be greedy. He ultimately wants the stockholders to realize that they are being "royally screwed over" by the company owners and they need to take charge of a company that is rightfully theirs (Gekko). Gekko blatantly states that "greed is right" and "greed works" (Gekko). Being greedy is morally wrong. When people go against their morals such as the owners of investing companies and Gekko, they blend in with society and lose sight with their individuality, who they are as a person.

in addition to being an individual and doing what you know is the right thing...

"In Goldman Sachs We Trust," like Inside Job, explains the risks that Goldman Sachs, along with other companies, took in order to cheat people of their money. Goldman Sachs had no problem putting their client's money at risk. With the lack of individuality of the people behind these schemes, Goldman Sachs seemed to achieve the American Dream, but the company collapsed in the end. Reflecting on the Goldman Sachs scheme, it was called "gargantuan insanity." The company owners definitely lost their individuality for standing up for what is right and fair.


the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others

individuality comes with a cost

In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby is perceived as a prosperous, classy and mysterious character. This observation changes when Gatsby changes himself in order to achieve his dream of being with Daisy. Gatsby changes to be somebody that he is not. Gatsby began acting “like a little boy” and being extraordinarily “rude” (Fitzgerald 66). Gatsby sacrifices his true self, or his individuality, to be with the love of his life, his dream, Daisy. In “Serving in Florida,” Barbara Ehrenreich has to completely turn her life around to achieve her goal of having enough income and money to get by. This drastic changed turned her life around, and everything she knew was no longer a part of her life. Everything that had made her who she was changed. Ehrenerieich was forced to sacrifice her individuality to survive by entering a “parallel universe” and a worle of “poverty and turmoil” (Ehenreich 1). While Gatsby voluntarily changed to achieve his goal, Ehernreich had to change to barely get by.

being an individual means being yourself

Caroline Boynton, Mrs. Moore, 3rd