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All for Books contest November 17th-21st-Bring your dollars in every day :)

No school November 24th-28th!

Thanksgiving Luncheon for first grade

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 11:15am

2225 Kingsley Dr

Pearland, TX

Come join us next week for a Thanksgiving lunch! The price for non-students is $4.


This week we finished off our unit on 3-Dimensional solids by making 3D shapes using marshmallows (vertices) and toothpicks (edges). The students loved this activity and hopefully learned a lot in the process! Don't be surprised if they come home asking to use marshmallows to make more shapes! We also began exploring how to tell time to the half-hour. We used a hula hoop to represent a clock and our own hands for the hands of the clock. Students also made their own clock which we will be using in the next couple of weeks to reinforce what we have learned. Quiz your children at home to tell the time to the hour or half-hour on both analog and digital clocks.

Next week, we will be start our unit on numbers to 99. We will be spiraling many topics that we discussed in the beginning of the year. This unit involves many topics including place value, comparisons, word problems and expanded form.


This week we are finishing up our matter unit. Students have been learning so much about matter! We have discussed properties of matter and how we can describe objects. Because this unit coincides with 3D shapes, they are also able to elaborately describe an object's shape! We have also performed several experiments to study changes in the states of matter. Students were able to melt coconut oil using only their hands and then we quickly turned in back into a solid by placing the bags of oil in a bowl of ice. We also explored what would happen when you add baking soda to vinegar. We began with a bottle with vinegar. I then added baking soda to a balloon which I placed over the bottle. Much to the dismay of my students, the balloon expanded with gas, but did not explode. Below are some videos we have watched and also some activities that may be fun at home!

Matter Song

Brainpop about Matter

Changes in Matter Science Rap song

Adding heat/taking heat away Game:

Home Challenge: (some of these activities are a bit messy!)

*Here is a cool website that has tons of cool experiments that play with matter...

*Mentos explosion- carefully open a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke and quickly drop several mint mentos in the soda....matter volcano! (outside activity)

* Sort household items into solids and liquids or go on a nature walk and record examples of matter

* Make popsicles, jello, or fruit smoothies and watch the states of matter change over time

* Have a fondue party and melt cheese or chocolate and dip yummy snacks

* Melt an Ice cube-find ways to melt an ice cube quickly

* Save an Ice cube-find ways to prevent the ice cube from melting

* Make pottery or use play dough to change the shape of matter

* Blow bubbles and watch how air helps the bubble keep its shape before popping and releasing air back into our atmosphere

* Make Dr. Seuss's Oobleck


This week, we made a quick timeline of ourselves. We also learned the meaning of Veteran's Day by watching youtube videos, reading books and discussing the characteristics of soldiers.

In Social Studies we will be learning the story of Thanksgiving! We will begin practicing to retell the story of Thanksgiving by creating bracelets! Each bead will represent a different event that occurred. These bracelets will go home with your child on Friday. Please be sure to ask your child about the story of Thanksgiving :)