Animal yoga

Jay Ribar

Tiger/ panthera Tigris

  • Kingdom- animalia
  • Class- mammalia
  • Phylum-Chordata
  • Order-Carnivora
  • Family-Felidae
  • Genus-panthera
  • The tiger has very flexible backs and hips so when they are hunting they crunch down so they can't be seen.


  • Kingdom-animalia
  • Class-Mammalia
  • Phylum-Chordata
  • Order-Carnivora
  • Family-Felidae
  • Genus-acrinonxy
  • Why I did this stretch is because cheetahs have really flexible joints all over their body and that's what makes them the fastest land animal. This is what helps them get those joints loose.


  • Kingdom-animalia
  • Class-mammalia
  • Phylum-chordata
  • Order-Artiodactyla
  • Family-giraffidae
  • Genus-giraffa
  • I did this stretch because giraffes have very long necks which helps them with find food and battling with other giraffes. This stretch helps their neck not get sore from looking up most of the time.








I picked this stretch because Eagles have a very wide wingspan and this helps them glide and find food because they can sore thru the sky. This helps the Eagle stretch their wings so they can fly better.


  • Kingdom-animalia
  • Class-mammalia
  • Phylum-Chordata
  • Order-primates
  • I pick the stretch because monkeys are extremely flexible. They hang by their arms or legs and stretch from one tree to another and this helps them do just that.