Deportes Mexicanos

Por: Sydney, Alex, and Ben

La Vida Nocturna en México

  • Much later than the American night, usually starts around 11 pm
  • Bars and nightclubs around midnight, as well as discos
  • Some clubs run nonstop from Friday night until Monday afternoon
  • People head home around 4:15 AM
  • Sometimes well-dressed men and women can get in free at the more expensive clubs
  • Karaoke is very popular

Deportes Populares en México

  • Association fútbol is most popular, followed by boxing
  • National sport of Mexico is Charrería (involves equestrian activities)
  • Béisbol is the most popular in the northwest and southeast regions
  • Baloncesto and tauromaquia also appreciated and popular
  • Softbol is also played

Los Atletas Populares en México

Asociación de Fútbol Equipos de Primera División de México

Después de la Escuela en México

  • Do similar things in Mexico as we do in the U.S.
  • More involved
  • Many leisure activities
  • Sports are popular as well