Sports massage Jordan Lindsay Task 2


In the following task i will be describing six contraindications towards sports massge.

Red flags and yellow flags

Yellow flag – local – Yellow flags are things in which a massos should check for in a client assessment before beginning to massage anyone, yellow flags are things such as cuts and sprains, these things do not stop a massos giving a massage but they could influence the parts of the body which are massaged for example if an individual has a sprained ankle the massos will stay well away from the ankle as if he doesn’t this could cause further injury and prolong the healing process of the individuals ankle.

Red flags – general - red flags stop any sort of massage happening as massaging could cause harm to the person being massaged, an example of a red flag is a women being pregnant, massaging a pregnant women could possibly stop nutrients reaching the baby, so red flags are what stop massage taken place at all.

Sprained Ankle

This is a yellow flag, if dealing with a client who has a sprained ankle it does not stop massage taking place, all the massos has to do is avoid the ankle completely so for example if doing effelage on a client the massos will start the effalage higher up away from the foot and on the leg to avoid the sprained ankle. If a massos does not avoid the sprained ankle then it will cause further injury to the sprained ankle and will also prolong the healing process in which the client already faces.

Bruised skin

bruised skin is a yellow flag as it is something which can be avoided when massaging. If a client comes in with a bruise on for example on their leg the massos will avoid the bruise when massaging and then further bruising won’t be caused. If a massos does not avoid the bruise then it will cause further bruising around the bruised area.


pregnancy is a red flag and no form of massage can be done on a pregnant women, this is due to the fact that when being massaged blood flow is increased which carries oxygen and nutrients, these things are vital for a developing baby so if for example a client’s leg is being massaged then blood, oxygen and nutrients will be travelling to the leg in which the developing baby requires to develop properly and healthy.

Strained Hamstring

A strained hamstring is only a yellow flag, this is because when being massaged the massos can avoid the hamstring so that further stain is not caused due to the massage. If a massos was to not avoid the strain to the hamstring then he/she could cause further broken fibres in the hamstring and prolong the healing process of the injury.


A cut to the skin is only a yellow flag, this is because the massos can work around the cut and keep well away from it, if the massos was to massage thew cut he/she could open the wound and prolong the healing process of that wound.

Skin Conditions

skin conditions are red flags just because they can be easily spread to other areas of the body and also could be spread to the massos. If a client was to request a massage on the legs but has a skin condition the massos cannot massage the legs at all but if the client does not have the skin condition on the upper body then the upper body may be massaged.