Survival Guide For Mojave Desert

Las Vegas

Location, Geography, Climate

Temperature < varied from hot during the day & cold at night.

Continent < North America, US, Nevada.

Geography < Lots of plants and animals. (ex; cacti and jack rabbits)

Four Steps Needed To Survive

1.) Wear Light Clothing.

2.) Make A Shelter Out Of Sticks And Leaves.

3.) Make protection For You Eyes Out Of Leaves To Keep Sand Out Of Them.

4.) Drink Water The Cacti.

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Animal Life

There Are Many Animals In The Mojave Desert But Heres A Few.


Jack Rabbit

Tarantula < Can Be Eaten And It Will Not Hurt You

Plant Life

There Are Many Plants In this Desert , Heres A Few.

Cacti < They are very helpful Because They store Water Inside. ( That You Can Drink)

Desert Paint Brush

Creosote Bush