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August, 2017

Hey Y'all!

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! Here's some oily goodness for the month!

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and as we still enjoy spending time outside and the longer days, I hope you enjoy these tips on how to use peppermint essential oil to stay cool, keep the bugs away, how to soothe irritated skin and more! Plus, there is a HUGE announcement that doTERRA released and I am so excited to share it with you! If you have any questions, contact me at oilygoodnessmomma@gmail.com


Promotions from dōTERRA

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During the month of August, I will be doing a FIVE DAY sampling event, where you will have the opportunity to try doTERRA Essential Oils. If you are not already a customer, I would love to introduce you to the amazing benefits of these oils, through this awesome event! If you are interested in trying doTERRA essential oils, please contact me, at oilygoodnessmomma@gmail.com

Monthly Educational classes in the Triad

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Oil Education!

doTERRA Empowered Life series was launched last Fall. This series makes oil education readily available at your fingertips and its full of oily goodness! Check out last months recordings on Digestive health and detox.
Empowered Life Series: Dr. Riggs
Empowered Life Series: Kristen Pardue
Empowered Life Series: Boyd Truman
Empowered Life Series: James Bybee

Oil Spotlight: Peppermint

Being outside in the sun can be a great way to uplift your mood, but sometimes too much sun exposure can quickly end your fun. Try this homemade After Sun Soothing Spray to maintain healthy-looking skin after too much sun. This soothing spray is filled with three powerful essential oils that calm and soothe irritated skin. One of the primary oils used in this spray is Peppermint. Peppermint is a perfect after-sun essential oil due to its high content of Menthol. Menthol is an organic substance in peppermint plants that will give your skin that cool and soothing feeling it needs after a hot day outdoors. Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil and Lavender essential oil are two additional ingredients in this DIY that will improve the appearance of skin.

Summer DIY's and Diffuser Blends

doTERRA announced that......

Tangerine is the NEWEST member of the doTERRA family. To celebrate, I am including the goodness on this yummy citrus oil!
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Thank You

The number one reason we began using oils in our home was to create a naturally clean and fresh environment for our family, and to take control of our health and wellness. My dream and passion is to bring these little brown bottles into 12,000 homes, one drop at a time! I want to personally thank you for taking the time to learn more about doTERRA and our journey! I am sure that you have more questions about the oils, membership, the business opportunity or our oil journey. If you are ready to change your life, take over your health and get started using essential oils, I'd love to help you! We truly appreciate all the love and support you have given our oily business. Please let us know how we can help you with starting or continuing yours!
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