Video Challenge Continues

Are you ready for a CHALLENGE and want to improve instruction in your classroom? Here's how it works: I will video you in action teaching a lesson to your students. Afterward, I'll download it onto your computer for you to view later. As you watch it, you will write down what you saw and your thoughts. I will also watch it on my own and write down my thoughts. The next step is meeting to discuss it and working together on something you'd like to improve.

We learn from reflecting, observing, and discussion. This challenge has all three.

Who is up for the CHALLENGE? Contact Nicki if you are!


Tami Meiners, K-6 music:

"It was an absolute positive experience. I guarantee you will walk away from it seeing confirmation that you use a lot of strategies and techniques you didn’t even realize you were using at the time. It was also fun to have eyes in the back of the room or off to the side of my room. I was able to catch a couple of distracted students on the video that I did not catch while I was teaching. Therefore, this will help me address those issues the next time I have that class or any class."

Carrie Betts, Headstart PreK:

"I tried the video challenge, and I’m very glad I did. It was a good experience, and having both Nicki and Bob Hoffmann review my video gave me some insights that I can use in my teaching. I think that having another person watch is very helpful, as each person tends to see things from a different perspective. I also feel it was helpful to watch myself teaching. Thinking about what I would like to improve has helped me to plan for the next steps I can take. I would encourage everyone to give the video challenge a try!"

Monica Jones, 1st grade:

"When I saw the video challenge, I was very interested in having Nicki come and do this with me in my room. She had sent me a short video clip from one of her visits in my room. I realized that was the first time I had seen myself teach! I wanted to see more so I invited her in for the challenge!

Nicki was in my room for about 45 minutes. During that time….of course there were some behaviors that made me think, “How will this look on the video?” I was prepared to see those when I viewed the video. What was amazing to me was everything (some good, some not so great!) that was going on that I DIDN’T see until I saw the video!

I teach six and seven year old children who are BUSY!!! Watching the video made me aware that some of that business is OK! It helped me to see that there are some things I can and must focus on….and then there are things that it’s really ok for me to let go.

Nicki and I discussed the video together. She is so very positive and made me feel good about what I do. She noticed a couple of things (a certain student who never participated and another who might benefit from sitting closer to the group) that I hadn’t noticed. I was thankful to have those things brought to my attention. Mostly, I am thankful for the opportunity to see myself as a teacher from a new perspective.

I have never been so motivated to be a better teacher. Nicki Olsen and her job as an Instructional Coach have sparked this motivation. The video taping is something I would definitely recommend!"

Sara Vorm, 3rd grade:

"I am so glad I embraced the video challenge. Once I got over how I looked and sounded (Yes, I made sure I wore black!), it was interesting to watch myself and the students. There were definitely things I knew I needed to work on which the video confirmed but there were also things that went surprising well. After sitting down with Nicki, I realized I was my worst critic. Nicki pointed out many things I was actually doing well and gave me ideas for my math lesson. I recommend taking the video challenge because I learned a lot about my students and myself. You can choose the content area you want to be videotaped, the amount of time, and day that works for you."

“Video will completely change the way we do professional learning.”
—Jim Knight, expert on professional development and instructional coaching