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October 5, 2018

Important Dates and Information

October 8 No School

October 9 Ticket Tuesday

October 9 Northeast Regions Test in social studies

October 12 Inference test in ELA

October 12 Last day for AR quizzes in ELA

October 12-End of 1st Quarter

October 12-Dunkin with Dads 7:00 a.m.

October 15-PTSA Meeting 5:00

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES-October 23 (3:30-7:30) October 25 (3:30-7:00)

October 30-Spooktacular 6:00-8:00

What's Happening in 5th Grade?


  • Please check your child's planner to monitor their behavior chart.
  • When going through your child's trapper, make sure they are with you and are not throwing away important paperwork.
  • Don't forget to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences in the signup genius sent to you through your email.


Students just completed topic 2 on adding and subtracting decimals with a final assessment yesterday. We will be moving on to topic 3, fluently multiplying multi-digit whole numbers. It is essential that students are able to fluently recall their math facts at this point. Please help them achieve this goal if they have not already by having them get on Reflex Math frequently.


We are continuing our unit on inferring using fiction text. To infer is to make an educated guess based on evidence given and the background knowledge a child has on the topic. We are working on answering a question about an inference. The answer must restate the question, answer the question and then explain how they know this. They are getting so much better at this "smart answer" approach. Our final assessment will be Friday.

For AR, the kids are working harder than initially. Now that they fully understand their levels, my expectations, and know that you are aware of where they are currently, they are a little more focused. Please continue to have them read every night since this is their only nightly homework from me. Our last day for first quarter AR quizzes will be Friday, October 12.

For writing, we finished our first person narratives. There are a couple still typing but they should be completed early next week. Our next pieces will be third person narratives. This is story telling. They will write a scary story and a mystery. These pieces will be combined as their grade for second quarter.


In Science we have finished up the scientific method, and are now working on the engineering design process. Students are taking a problem, coming up with several design solutions, and evaluating and fixing their work to achieve a successful solution. We will continue this unit for the next couple of weeks!

Social Studies

We are currently studying the Northeast Region. This is our second region. We have assessed on continents and oceans and the Midwest Region. You can check with your child to see what they received on those tests. I will be putting these tests in their data notebooks. With this particular unit, it requires a great deal of individual practice. I try to supply you with all you need to help your child learn their states and capitals. I tell them that they must practice a little every chance they get and not try to learn it all the night before. They always have advanced notice. Our next test is Tuesday. You can practice in the car, around the house, or have them use tools I have supplied. These study practices will come in handy with future subjects. Thank you for all your help!!

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