Spotlight on 2nd Grade!

Mrs. Dawdy's Class

Week of May 10 - May 13

Hello Parents!

Please read the sections below to see what's going on in the life of our class!

Working with Words

The students will be focusing on “ine” (such as spine), “ight” (such as fight) and “ire” (such as wire) sounds this week. There will be a spelling test on Friday. These words will be on the test: he’s, we’re, it’ll, you’re, haven’t.


The students will take their final tests this week. There will be a Literature and Informational section. We will review as a class each day before taking the tests. These grades will go on the final grade card.


The stars will end our math series by solving elapsed time problems. After that, they will review for their final math assessment. These grades will be on the grade card.


The students have completed all of their writing requirements so we will spend the last days of school studying poetry. We will study and apply many different genres. This material will be untested.


· There will be no school on Monday as it is Professional Development Day.

· There will be a LOT of testing next week! These tests are very important because they are their final grades for 2nd grade. Please make sure that students are well rested and send them with healthy snacks each day. It is important that they stay fueled up!