Katrina:The Ignored

by Spencer Wise

The Hurricane

The Hurricane was named Katrina, and my perspective is the lack of government response.


On that day, the federal government didn't save us, if anything they screwed us over with their levee system, why do we trust them? They didn't respond very fast to our cries of help, we saved ourselves, the local government and a couple of nice volunteers, but where was our fed. government? in Washington d.c trying to gather up some kind of response team, while the rest of New Orleans wait out in their football super dome. It could have just been a bad time, but why haven't they already be getting response teams ready, and why did they not care about the levee systems in New Orleans, and most importantly, in 2005, was our government racist against the multiracial population of new orleans?
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8-10 inches of rain fell upon the coastal region and surrounding areas, but 20-30 ft of rain did as well due to storm surges, causing areas like New Orleans to flood severely, destroy some of their levees, and have 80% of their city underwater.

the wind carried as the storm had many landfalls, but they average 85-125mph.

The Casualties reached up to 1836 deaths.

Its time to wake up

That day some of the remaining citizens realized something, we can't just sit back and let the government do everything. If something happens, it's our job to respond to it and get everyone out, not just sit around and hope the government responds. We're not going to just sit around and pray the government levee would hold, we're going to build and fix them ourselves. Why put your faith in a central government that doesn't protect it's citizens?
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