Samuel de Champlain

By: Farah


  • He established and administered the French colonies in the new world.
  • In 1609 he led a total of 32 colonists to settle in Quebec, but only 9 survived the first winter.
  • On his first expedition, he started a fight with the Native American Indians that lasted 500 years with France.
  • On one of his voyages he found a lake and named it Lake Champlain in 1609.
  • As a young boy he learned how to navigate ships and became a naval captain, like his father.
  • He lived with the Hurons and was married to a woman 30 years younger than him.
  • He is often referred to as the Father of New France.
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More Facts

  • His first voyage was with his uncle on the ship Saint-Julien.
  • His wife was the daughter of the Lord Chamberlain of France.
  • In a battle with the Iroquois, he got shot in the knee.
  • He died on Christmas Day in 1635 in Quebec.