The Giver Book Project

By: Brian Galo

Author of ''The Giver'' : Lois Lowry

Summary of "The Giver"

"The Giver" is a book with a setting of a ''perfect'' society. In Jonas's the main character's community, there are very strict rules.The people there do not even have feelings as they drive you to make choices that the leaders might not want. Every family ''unit'' is very strict in rules and are even chosen by the community leaders, the community's people have to apply for children. Each member of the community gets a job or a mentor for an job when they are twelve. Jonas is chosen to be the receiver of memory a very special job, he is the only person in his community, besides his mentor that will have feelings, see color, and make choices. As Jonas is taught by his mentor ''the giver'', he sees the wrongness of how everyone he knows and loves lives, being blind to the truth of their community. Near the end of the book Jonas escapes with a baby named Gabriel who was going to be ''released'', at this point Jonas knows that their term ''released'' meant that they would be killed. as he lives far from his society protecting Gabriel and surviving, he is trying to reach a point far enough where he will return these memories given to him to the people of his community giving them feeling, the ability to see colors, and as i think he'd say letting them live life as it was intended.

Main Character: Jonas

Jonas is the main character or ''The Giver" He is a kind,and passionate 12-year-old boy. He changes during the book due to his experiences and actions with his new power that was given to him. the challenges he faces would be the pain he faces with holding all of his memories, as well as him not being able to talk about it, he has a hard time dealing with it.

Quote from novel:

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Teacher Like Questions:

1.) What was Fiona's assigned job?

2.)How does Jonas calm Gabriel when he wakes up when the others are sleeping?

3.)What was the giver's favorite memory?

4.)What was Asher's assigned job?

Overall Rating and why:

The overall rating i gave this book is 4 stars not five because there were times in the story where i felt bored and the story was uninteresting.