by: Isabella Marez

The happiest place on earth

This place is full of magic, happiness, joy, and wonder. Families everywhere screaming in joy. Kids riding rides, while some are playing games. This place is known as the happiest place on earth and I think It truly is. This place is Disney Land in Anaheim, CA.


As soon as you step foot into this place you imedently feel happy, and exciment running all through you. Families taking pictures with people dressed like princess and Disney characters. This place is full of bright colors and lights such as reds, blues, oranges, and many more. You are always seeing kids and adults riding rides or playing diffrent games to win giant stuffed animals. It always smells wonderful like hot dogs, cotton candy, hamburgers, and much more. You hear the screams of kids, laughter, people taking constantly and the motors of rides going up and down. My absolute favorite thing to eat while I am there is the Mickey shaped Ice cream sandwich, It feels creamy and crunchy and just goodness in your mouth. The way it feels when you on the rides screaming your head off because your having so much fun, is spatacular, amazing, and you feel like you climed into a diffrent dimension and your flying through space. I absolutely love this place and I would go every day if I could