August Team Newsletter

Samantha and Taylor's Origami Owl Team

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Welcome to all our new designers

Tara Streif

Melinda Herman

Who's going to Cabo San Lucas with me?

Who's going to Cabo with me? DIW's you are in the game too!!! All you have to do is be prepared when you get your official link. Have your FRANKS list ready, if your already a designer, go back to your FRANKS list when you started your biz. Set your launch date, I will be happy to help you with your launch party, if your a designer already, you can have another launch party. Invite all of your past hostess's to their own special event. Make a goal, How many Jewelry Bars will you need to make that goal? OVERBOOK! You will have cancellations. If you get a cancelation, pick up the phone and book 3 more parties. Were heading into a busy season! If your working your business you have a huge opportunity to earn a FREE trip to Cabo!! All you need is 15,000 points to qualify! I have seen designer's with $15,000 in PV for one month! Take your friend's to Cabo with you. Start building your team. Learn and grow your business's together!! I have NEVER been on a vacation, I'm setting a goal to earn my first vacation for FREE!!! Who's in with me?

Meeting in Louisville

Great chance to meet everyone and get some great training!! Sarah Pinger will be hosting a regional training on Saturday, September 7th in Louisville, KY! Everyone is welcome to attend! Cost is $35 and includes a light breakfast and lunch. You can view all info, including hotel reservation info, at! Let me know if you have any questions!! The deadline just for the meeting is September 1, 2013. I am going and have plenty of room if you want to ride along with me.

Welcome Designer's in Waiting

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Emily's Challenge

Emily has set up a FUN Challenge for August!!! It's a great way for all of us to get back in the game and have an AMAZING August!! Her challenge is posted in our Facebook Group and Team Lovely Lockets Facebook Group. If your not on Facebook email me and I can send the info to you.

I am also working on an incentive for August! For every $500 in PV your name will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 gift card. For every $500 in PV you will get your name in the drawing. $1000 = 2 entries and so on. Let's make this an AWESOME August and set ourselves up for a ROCKIN Fall season! Who's excited for the NEW Fall Catalog?!!??

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August Host Exclusive

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