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What does wanderlust mean? A great desire or passion to travel, and that's exactly what I have. The world is filled with so much beauty and stories that it's just asking for people to come and visit and learn more about these wonderful places. For me, there's not a specific region that I am most interested in. I'm open to going anywhere that calls me there however, there are some factors that draw me away for example if it's too crowded, loud, and has a hot climate. Other than that, anywhere that has great scenery, deep history, and adventure, is somewhere that I would love to go. Other things that I love are reading, hiking, painting, music, learning more about different cultures, and trying new things which are huge bonuses if I can include these somehow with the places I travel to. Below is a list of places that I want to visit and explore before I kick the bucket so read on to come along these adventures with me!


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Alberta is a province that I've heard so much about especially because my dad and my sister are both from there. Childhood stories of different adventures, scenery, and things to do always caught my attention which is why I really want to visit. The thing I would love to do most is visit Banff National Park and Jasper park which which are homes to majestic views of a starry night sky and the Canadian Rockies as seen in the picture above (and also UNESCO World Heritage Sites!).

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South Africa

Africa is such a diverse and unique place with so much natural beauty. Before I kick the bucket, I would really like to visit such a place. What I would want to do the most is go on an African Lion Safari and learn more about the culture of Africa. As seen in the pictures above, it is home to many beautiful animals and hosts spectacular sunsets which is something I definitely want to see for myself in person and experience. The fact that I would get to see these animals in their natural environment rather than in a locked up cage is a huge bonus.

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Great Barrier Reef

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Nemo Coral Reef HQ
The world's largest coral reef system is located in northeastern Australia off the shore of Queensland and is known as The Great Barrier Reef. I've been wanting to visit the G.B.R ever since I watched Finding Nemo many years ago and saw just how beautiful it is, even animated as seen in the video above. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is something I really want to do, to be able to explore the secrets of the deep sea and witness the majestic waters and what actually happens underneath. It's always been a great interest of mine to explore underwater since around 75% of the earth consists of it and there are so many unknown facts that it's still a mystery with hundreds, even thousands of creatures undiscovered and so many areas unexplored.

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Mythology and ancient stories have always interested me from a very, very young age, ever since I was introduced to books that included it and movies such as National Treasure, The Mummy, and Indiana Jones. Egypt is full of all that mystery and adventure which is why I want to go there before I die. Exploring the old tombs, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Sphinx is an adventure that I want to take. There are so many stories revolving around this and it's all so mysterious. Being able to learn more about this and perhaps even hieroglyphics is a huge plus. On the other side of it, Egypt is so diverse and has such a unique culture that learning more about it and being able to experience it is something that I want to do, like the food, belly dancing, fun weddings, music etc.


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Turkey has a lot of things to offer, culturally and historically but the reason I want to go most is because it is home to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. It is one of the most recognized mosques and is known for its grand beauty both the exterior and the interior. Additionally, I would love to learn more about the culture itself and the people of such a beautiful country.

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Hawaii is a place I want to visit to relax with all of its beautiful beaches and scenery, resorts, and culture. It's a perfect destination to sit by the pool/beach side and watch a majestic sunset while reading a good book with some music, sipping on fresh piña colada.

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Although Alaska is a state deep in its culture and history, the reason I want to go is for adventure, nature, and recreational tourism. Alaska has so much of this and is so naturally beautiful that I would go simply for the magnificent views of the mountains and all the natural land. One thing that I definitely want to see before I kick the bucket are the northern lights. Alaska has wonderful views of this multicoloured phenomenon and what would be better than camping under it with all the bright lighted stars in the sky from the constellation. Something that is very hard to see here with all the light pollution. Climbing a mountain and hiking through the land would also be apart of this bucket list entry. The video above encases the wonderful sensation that is the northern lights. The picture shows how much beauty is in such simplicity. A place I would love to explore and bring my passions through like paining.

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Greece is a country that has always been one of the top destinations on my bucket list. Everything about Greece attracts me to it from its culture, history, natural scenery and beauty, language etc. One of my favourite book series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians which revolves around Greek mythology. Because of this, I have always been interested in learning the language and more about the culture as well as visiting all of the cultural landmarks it has to offer with the intriguing stories behind them. There is so much to do in Greece whether you want to relax by the beach, explore the rich ancient buildings, or just learn more about the mythology, all of which I want to do.

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We're so lucky and fortunate to be living here in Canada with all of the opportunities and benefits it has to offer. Unfortunately, for many people, they don't have many of the luxuries that we have and even take for granted at times. One of these places is Africa. Although it is a beautiful continent with an amazing and unique culture, there are many people who need help and on my bucket list is to be able to help these people in any way I can by doing humanitarian work and other volunteer opportunities. Things I would like to do include aid in building houses, schools, wells, help in education, and other medical services (I hope to become a doctor one day!).

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Bolivia is such a beautiful country located in South America. It has wonderful features and amazing scenery as can be seen in the photos above which is why I want to go. The Salt Lakes are one of the largest in the entire world and give a perfect view to the constellations above. Natural scenery and space are two things that I love and Bolivia offers both.

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Angel Falls

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The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls which is located in Venezuela in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Canaima National Park. As seen in the picture, it is breathtaking and somewhere I definitely want to see in person rather than just seeing on a screen. There's a whole new experience being able to witness something majestic like this which is something I want to be able to do.

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Switzerland is such a beautiful place with mountain ranges, clear waters, green land, and a rich culture with deep history. As seen in the pictures above, it has so much natural scenery to offer and is a place I would really like to visit to get to witness this scenery and learn more about the beautiful culture. I love hiking which would be perfect to do here and climbing a mountain over a spectacular landscape is another goal I would love to achieve. Painting is a really big hobby of mine, especially watercolouring landscapes and that is something I want to do in Switzerland; experiencing the land to be able to paint from the heart rather than from pictures on a screen. While in Switzerland, I would also like to take a train ride because it is so scenic.

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Bali is a beautiful island located in Indonesia. With so much scenery and culture, It's the perfect place to visit as seen in the pictures above. The clear blue waters and beautiful mountain ranges add to the beauty of the country and is a place I would definitely want to go learn more about. Additionally, it has huge volcanoes which is something I want to be able to see in person and perhaps even climb.

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They say that the city that never sleeps is New York City but for me, the city that never sleeps is Mecca. I had the great opportunity of coming here in 2013 to perform a religious pilgrimage (Umrah) and have been wanting to go back ever since. I remember looking through the window of my hotel room at any given time and there would always be smiling people on their way to Masjid al-Haram for prayers at the Kaaba or just talking to one another at one of the eatery's, and enjoying each others presence. The environment was just so peaceful and welcoming with a billion lights shining in the night. Performing the sacred pilgrimage Hajj is mandatory at least once for those that can afford it and it is one of my greatest desires to be able to fulfill this before nature takes it course. Not only for its religious purposes, but also for the deep culture and history that is encased in such a small yet diverse area, with people all over the world coming to visit. I would love to learn more about the experiences and stories behind everything to better understand the significance. For me, this is my top bucket list entry because of how close this is to my heart and because of the religious and cultural importance.

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