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Come to Austria, the land of music

Are you a big fan of classical music, breath-taking scenery, or the famous film and musical of the Sound of Music? Or even a star athlete of skiing, hiking, cycling and kayaking? If so, Austria is the place for you! Come to Austria to enjoy the mouth-watering Austrian delicacies (such as the Apple strudel), the best-quality philharmonic orchestra, the unusual mix of modern and the Baroque architectural wonders, and the active sporting events. Visit some famous historical landmarks such as the house of Austria's most famous citizen, Mozart, palaces, or the awe-inspiring Alps. Whenever you have time, make sure to book a trip to Austria!

Interesting Facts about Austria

Enjoying Austria's traditional culture

When going to Austria, don't just satisfy yourself with classical music and the fancy ski resorts. Instead, take some quality time to understand the depth of the Austrian culture. For example, in the morning, don't go and order yourself a plain old cup of Starbucks coffee. Instead, buy a steaming cup of hot chocolate to start off you day! Spend you free time listening to folk music played by Hackbretts, Zitters (two traditional folk song instruments), and guitars in a rural village. Eat some Wiener Schnitzel (fried veal cutlet) for your lunch and then play soccer or take a calm, peaceful walk through the city you are staying in. There is so much to do in Austria! Think outside the box and do something very traditional that will etch in you memory forever.

Some Sites to Visit

Although many of the sites in Austria isn't widely known as sights in some larger countries like France or Germany, that doesn't mean there aren't any in Austria. Some of the popular sites in Austria is the dwarf garden in Mirabell Palace and the Vienna State Opera (where many fantastic operas and orchestras are held). Some museums you should visit is the Kunsthaus Graz, a modern art museum that is shaped like a huge, gray blob.

Dates you don't want to miss in Austria!

Austria celebrates numerous holidays and every time, there are a huge celebration you DON'T want to miss. Some of those holidays are Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Day, and the National Holiday (which is the Oct 26th). Also, don't forget the famous Opera Ball in Vienna on the last Thursday of the Fasching, a carnival that is held in January and February. Many balls and parties are held on those days, so don't forget your party atmosphere!

Important Austria Facts


Although English is commonly spoken in Austria, the official language in Austria is German. Thus, it will be important to know some German before going to Austria! Here are some basic German phrases and words you should know:

Hello/Good Day: Guten Tag!

How are you?: Wie geht's? (pronunciation: Vie gates)

Thank you: Danke sehr. (the s is pronounced like a z)

You're welcome: Bitte sehr

Please: Bitte

Good bye: Auf wiedersehen (pronunciation: A viedezhen)


The type of government in Austria is republic, which means the citizens get to vote for the representative of their country. Also, Austria is part of the EU.


Before January 2002, Austria had the currency of Schilling. Now, like 22 other EU countries, Austria has the euro as its currency. One dollar is equal to about 0.74 euros. Make sure to bring enough money for your trip!



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