Cause And Effects of Civil War

Phillip Houston #4

Why does war take place?

war takes place from conflict but the reason why humans war is almost generally the same, its just one side disagreeing with another then the situation gets so harsh killing is involed

Why Do Countries Have Civil War

Countries have civil war because one side doesn't agree with the other so they rebel against the main force. for example in America had a civil war between the north side and the south side of the US. the conflict was about slavery, the north wanted to abolish slavery but the south wanted to keep slavery going and not see the slaves as US citizens because they believed that slaves were people and they should be equal as man.

Why did the south want to keep slavery in tack

the main reason is because the people from the south wanted to have works that didn't have to be paid for for working on the farms. This way the south could make more money to either buy more slaves, land and be able to pay their taxes. All slaves weren't just African American their were some the were native american.

Why did the North want slavery out of the States

People in the north felt that slavery was morally wrong. They felt that slaves are people to not just works or tools so the north took it upon them self to get rid of slavery. then Lincoln passed the 13th amendment that would be the abolishment of slavery.

Effects On The South After The War

The major impact of the war on the South (other than the end of slavery) was that it left white Southerners feeling bitter toward the North and the United States. This feeling continued during, and was made worse by, the period of Reconstruction that followed the war. The south had been destroyed economically they lost houses, land, and businesses. Many towns and communities were economically lost and most southern towns were in ruins after the war.


Some effects on the north winning the war

when the war was over it effected everyone in american in many ways. African american people became citizens but they werent treated with the same equal rights as and avrerage american