Manuel Noriega

Panamanian Dictator from 1983 - 1990


  • Age: 80 years
  • Face: Pudgy, rather poor complexion
  • Relations With Other Countries: United States liked at first, then disliked
  • Power: Worked his way up in his country by manipulating the Military and Drug Trade.
  • Intelligence: Worked for CIA for 30 years. Cleverly manipulated both sides of the Cuban Missile Crisis to get what he wanted.
  • Advancement: Backwards, killed elections when it started to appear he would lose.
  • Personality: Cunning, Power Hungry,
  • Personal History: One time worked for US government, but was also working for their enemy, delivering information to both parties and lining his pockets in the process.
  • Commitment to success: Refused to give up control of the country even when literally nobody wanted him there, so he was determined I suppose.
  • RUTHLESS STREAK: Was the most feared man in his country because of his attacks on guerrilla warfare and was known to make people disappear. Was involved in the trafficking of drugs and weapons to Cuba.
The drug trade in Panama became such a large issue that it made the cover of TIME magazine back in 1988. It became that way because Manuel himself was encouraging the "industry". Since he was so high up in his country, no internal solution to the issue would be found during his reign. It was not until President HW Bush stepped in and took out Noriega's Regime that things would begin to really improve.

A Few Haikus For Noriega

Drugs are not pleasant,

Noriega's face and build

Are nauseating

Panama is sad

Noriega was causing

Terror and distress

Essential Question

How did Manuel Noriega affect Cuba, the US and most importantly Panama