Center Square School Nurse's Notes

Issue 1 Volume 2 Winter 2014

Can you tell the difference between the flu and a cold?

Cold and flu symptoms are similar and sometimes hard to tell the difference. Usually cold symptoms are mild compared to the flu. Flu symptoms will start suddenly and be more severe where a cold may be more gradual in coming on. If you have cold symptoms treat the symptoms - there is no cure. If you have flu symptoms you may get antiviral drugs from your doctor. They are best if taken within 24 to 48 hours of the start of your symptoms. These germs are very easily spread to others. Take precautions by staying away from others when you are sick, get plenty of rest and drink or eat lots of fluids. (soup, jello, drinks, ice pops) And, wash your hands! The flu vaccine is a great way to help keep yourself from getting the disease. Even if you do get a different strain of the flu the symptoms may be more mild than if you didn't get a flu shot at all.

Cold Weather

Please send your children with warm clothing to go outside everyday. Recess is outside on the playground and it's cold out there!
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Young children get chapped lips very easily; they lick their lips all the time. I encourage you to allow your child to have their own tube of chapstick to use for themselves. This allows them to take responsibility and learn how to "fix" the problem of chapped lips. Children may carry chapstick to school as long as they do not share it with others or play with it during class.

Pre-K Flu Vaccine Notice

Students must have proof of a flu shot vaccine to return to school after the Winter Break.

Children enrolled in child care, pre-school or pre-kindergarten must have 1 dose of flu vaccine administered between September 1 and December 31 annually. Please send in documentation to the school nurse when your child receives the flu vaccine.