Chrome Extensions

Making your life a smidgen easier

What is it?

Google Chrome Extensions are shortcuts within the Chrome browser to add simplicity and accessibility to getting the job done. Extensions make processes you already do easier. I'm on board for anything to simplify a process!

Where are they?

These extensions are for Google Chrome. If you are in Safari, you're missing out. You can search and add Chrome App Extensions here. Once you add an extension, it will appear as an icon to the right of your search bar. Chrome apps can be found in the colored square grid to the far left of the Bookmark Bar.
Chrome Web Store - What is an extension?


Push Bullet

I had a bad habit of emailing myself when I needed to get something from my iPad to my computer or vice versa. With this extension (and the corresponding app on your phone/iPad), you can send links, photos, videos, etc. to yourself on all your devices. Yes, there is a sharing feature here as well to send to others. However, I mainly use it to send things to my other devices. Find the extension here and the app here.

TechSmith Snagit

This extension allows you to capture screenshots (partial, whole screen, scroll down) and then annotate on top of it. Find the extension here.

Things to consider...

Don't get too app happy. It's not much of a shortcut if you have to fit through them all. Pick the ones that will most translate into how you use the browser now. Have fun wasting time searching for extensions that will save you time ;)

Amber L Sawyer

I'm here to be used by you. I will gladly teach, co-teach, plan, or reflect alongside you. I don't promise to have the answers, but I offer an extra brain and set of hands. Please feel free to call, text, email, or rope me in!