Perseverance is key to success

By Nikhil Chintalapudi

Personal Defintion of Perseverance

The definition of perseverance is to continue something that you have started and not quitting just because there are obstacles in the path you are taking.

Some background information for Jackie Robinson

He was very good at playing baseball when he was a in high school. He was mistreated and physically attacked just cause of his race. Jackie Robinson had an ambition to play baseball in the major league and a coach saw how good he was. The coach didn't care if he was black. The wanted Jackie Robinson to play in the major league and that is when Jackie Robinson broke the color line in major league baseball. He got food thrown at him from the audience and was physically attacked. He persevered through all this and became one of the best baseball players.

Some Background information for Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt had such a tough childhood. She was mistreated by her looks. Her mom hated her because Eleanor wasn't like her mom. On the other side, her dad didn't care. Her dad was like the only one that loved Eleanor. Then her mom and her dad died. Then most of the family died except her brother Elliott and Eleanor. She persevered through all of these troubles to become one of the best women in the world.

How Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt compare and contrast.

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Carp, the fish that helped Rosetsu persevere (Description)

Kyoto who is a great painter named Okyo Maruyama Okyo made such beautiful paintings. He had many pupils who wanted to copy his style. One of the pupils was a painter name Rosetsu who because the best painter of all. Rosetsu then became a bigger fool, and the harder he worked, the more of a fool he became. Rosetsu then gave up all his hopes of becoming a great painter. When he gave up all his hopes, he left his school quietly and wanted to kill himself on the way home. He than was very tired and he was idling around that he just flung himself down on the snow under pine trees. He then heard a strange noise coming from water. He finally figured out that the loud noise was coming from a large carp. The carp was trying to reach a piece of sembei which is a piece of biscuit made out of rice and salt. The piece of sembei was lying on the part of the lake the was frozen. The fish was trying to jump out of the water and land on the ice but was unsuccessful. The large carp was trying so hard even though it was cutting and bruising himself against the edges of the ice. Rosetsu watched as the carp was persevering and all the admiration that the fish had to get the Sembei. Since Rosetsu say how the Fish was persevering, Rosetsu knew that he could persevere to become the best painter.

Orphans getting sent away on trains and to orpahnages

The train that sent all the orphans out west from New York so they can get themselves a family.
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Eleanor Roosevelt steps to become one of the best woman in the worlds (Chronological)

First when Eleanor Roosevelt was born, her parents wanted a boy instead of a girl. Her mother really wanted a boy but her father was okay with anyone. Eleanor was really loved by her father. Then she was called name like "Granny" and "Ugly Duckling". She really ignored everything her own mother said to her. Then, most of her family died except her brother Elliott. Eleanor was really sad that the only person in the world that loved her which is her dad died because of polio. Eleanor didn't yield her life and she kept on living it. Eleanor and her brother Elliott went to live with aunt and uncle who sent Eleanor to a boarding school. There, she felt very happy because she was treated very nicely and no one judged her looks. She had many friends and she wasn't shy anymore. She then went back to her aunt and uncles house. She then was married to her fifth cousin who was franklin Roosevelt. Next, she really thought about all the other children in the world that didn't feel loved. She went to go make the children feel more loved than they have ever been. She helped all different people who were being mistreated and that is how she became a role model for people all around the world. She also became on of the best woman to ever live because of all the things that she did and all the things that happened to her in her childhood.

Nadja quitting her talent for her to realize her true talent of being the best violinst ever lived (Cause & Effect)

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Jackie robinson stuggles to becoming a history in Major League Baseball (Problem & Solution)

Jackie had one main problem that was with him while he was playing in the Major League. The problem was the he was mostly physically attacked by the other teams going against him and also his team physically attacked him in the locker rooms. When he was playing the game, the audience threw trash and things they have with them at Jackie Robinson. So some solutions Jackie Robinson had for all the problems is that he just all the violence and racial slurs and just played the game of baseball. He played the game like he was playing by himself. He didn't say any words to anybody while playing. With all these bad things happening to him while playing the game, he still persevered through all of this and because one of the greatest baseball players in history.

Lessons Learned

Some lessons I learned is that everyone has adversities and triumphs in their lives. You just have two options which is either to quit what is stopping you or keep on trying till the obstacle gives up. You might have many triumphs right after the adversity blocking your future. Eleanor and Jackie both had many great triumphs past some adversities. So this taught me to never give up to anything so you can enjoy your life like you are supposed to.