Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

January 21, 2013

Weekly Homework

The children are very excited to share their completed homework. I have rewarded the homework any day as long as it was completed. By the end of January your child should be well stocked with pencils! The goal is for homework to be due on Tuesday and Thursday. Any child that has all homework assignments completed for the month will eat in the classroom at the end of January. Please remember to sign the calendar on the days where counting practice or an observational task. In February, it will only count towards eating in the classroom if it is in on time.

It's time to think ahead. Each child will be asked to decorate a Valentine's box at home. Shoe boxes are the perfect size. If you have extra shoe boxes, donations would be welcomed. If you need a box, please let me know. I will be happy to send a donated box your way.

Reading Bag

I hope your child has had a chance to share the reading bag with you. Please help them remember to put the books back in the bag and return it the next day. This needs to become habit. The bag will continue to fill with books your child is practicing.

I encourage you to also take advantage of RazKids. It is an online resource that is available to all students at Greens Prairie. the website is . The teacher login is tbryerb. The routine is to read, listen, read, quiz. If they do not receive a green check on the quiz, listen to it again and then try the quiz again. Encourage your child to click on the questions and answer choices so the computer will read it to them.

100th Day of School!

Monday, February 4th is the 100th day of school! On that day we will have a parade through the school to celebrate and make a special 100 piece snack. The week prior to our parade we will work with a 100's board, practice counting by 1's and 10's to 100, have mystery picture activities, and make crafts. The following items for the special snack would be welcomed: large box of Fruit Loops, box of snack bags, Goldfish (colored), small pretzel sticks, Trix, Applejack cereal, and Chex cereal. If you would like to donate please send the items by February 1st.

There are a few items that need prepped. If you would like to help prep a project by spending a little time cutting please let me know. I can send them in your child's folder.

Out of Town

I will be out of town Friday, January 25th until Wednesday, January 30th. My sub is Mrs. Warner. Please make any transportation changes through the office. I will not be available to relay emails.

Author Visit

Local author Debbie Leland will be here on Thursday to talk with the children. If you were planning on purchasing a signed copy of one of the books, please send it in by Wednesday.