Shield out bullies

Don't stand by and watch them cry. DO SOMETHING!!

What's already there

  • There are no federal laws directly addressing bullying, but there are laws regarding discriminatory harassment which bullying sometimes overlaps with

  • Schools have to address conduct that is persistent, severe, or based on a student's race, color, origin, etc.

What's our business doing

We are an organization called Stand Up To Bullying, and as our name suggests we are trying to encourage people to stand up against bullies in schools across the country. Many people are afraid to act against bullies because they believe they will be the fiend's next target, but if we all stand up as one, there won't be anybody left to egg on the attacker.

The types of bullying

  • There are four main types of bullying; physical bullying, verbal bullying, hidden bullying, and cyber bullying
  • Physical bullying, where the victim is hit or has their property damaged in some way
  • Verbal bullying, where the victim is put under verbal abuse through being insulted or teased
  • Hidden bullying, where the bully tries to hurt someone's social life and/or cause humiliation. This includes rumor spreading, socially excluding someone, mimicking them, etc.
  • Cyber bullying, where the victim is sent abusive messages, irritated online, etc.


  • About 160,000 kids stay home from school every day to avoid getting picked on, beaten up, or taunted

The watchers

  • Bullying occurs in front of other people 80 percent of the time, but people only intervene 20 percent of the time. When there is an intervention, it stops the bullying in half of the cases.