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Hello Wellness Advocates!

Spring is here and so is the return of seasonal discomforts! My biggest recommendation this month is for you to try the LLP combo. Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint is a fantastic trio that will help you so much! You can diffuse, take internally, or apply topically. If you have specific questions regarding the number of drops to use message me, I'm happy to give you suggestions.

As always, please contact me with any questions you have about using oils, natural wellness, or the dōTerra business. The awesome thing about doTerra is that we have a great support network and lots of educational resources. I want you to get the most out of your oils and I am here to help!

Happy Spring!


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Essential Oils 101

Thursday, April 14th, 6:30pm

Kappa, IL, United States

Kappa, IL

Feel free to invite any family or friends who are interested in learning more. Follow this link to get all the details and RSVP!


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Spring Cleaning class

Thursday, April 28th, 6pm

Pontiac, IL, United States

Pontiac, IL

Join me to learn more about how to use your essential oils for cleaning all around your home!

If you are unable to make this event but would like to learn more message me, we can set something up!

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EO everyday

Morning - Promote Healthy Immune Function. Diffuse Melaleuca or rub it on the bottom of your feet. Combine with On Guard for even more immune support. (I've been diffusing Melaleuca with Wild Orange and Lemon and it smells so fresh and clean!)

Afternoon - Sharing Is Caring…But Not Always! A few drops of On Guard in spray bottle with water works wonders on grimy doorknobs, hand railings and counter tops. Share germs no more! (Tip: take an empty On Guard bottle and add 5-7 additional drops of On Guard, top off with water and a spray cap for on the go. Great for a purse or diaper bag. See me for spray caps!)

Night - Pains Of A Desk Job. After long hours on the computer, try rubbing Deep Blue or Past Tense essential oil blends on the shoulders and neck to recover and ease muscle tension.

Check out this video!

Here is a short clip on the Mother's Day special. This little bag is perfect for carrying around or storing several oils. I am excited to add one to my collection! This also comes with a 5 ml of Lavender and Citrus Bliss. It makes a really nice gift!

Retail: $36.67

Wholesale: $27.50

doTERRA Mother's Day Satchel with Founding Executive Emily Wright
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