Golf Activity

By Hudson and Khushi

How do quadratics relate to hitting a ball?

Quadratics shows the height and distance and time of the ball because it makes a curve in the graph. Its also a parabola so it curves. It could relate to hitting the ball because it shows how hard you hit the ball in the function and after that you could figure out the the height and distance at a certain point of time.

-16t^2 + 100t

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The time would be the independent variable while the height would be the dependent variable

Domain and Range

Domain - All real's

Range - y≤156

How long was the ball in the air?

The ball was in the air for 6.25 seconds

Maximum height of the ball

156.24 ft

After how long

3.125 seconds

Height of ball at 3.5 seconds? Another time at same height?

After 3.5 seconds, the ball was a 154 feet and was at that height again at 2.78 seconds

At what time was the ball 65 feet in the air?

0.74 seconds and 5.51 seconds
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At what time will Tweety be at the same height as the ball if she increases at 4 feet per second? What is that height?

Tweety would be at 24 feet after 6 seconds when he meets the ball

Whose golf ball will hit the ground first? How much sooner does it hit the ground? How high will Gloria’s ball go?

Gloria's ball will hit the ground first by 1.25 seconds and it will go up 100 feet in the air

What effect would the change in elevation have on the graph?

It would make Earl's ball go higher and further and her ball will start at 20 ft above ground rather than at ground level

Function describing new path

-16x^2 + 100x + 20

Graph of new relation

Red is the original equation.

Blue is the new equation.

Domain and Range

Domain- All reals

Range- y≤176.25