Environmental Scientist!!

By Evan Bannow

What is an Environmental Scientist

What Is It?

An Environmental Scientist is a person who collects data from animals, plants or any other living organism, and the relationship between them and where they live. From this data they study and discover environmental problems. They then suggest ways to help, like new ways to manage water, air, soil, wildlife, etc.. Some spend Hours getting samples to study/research. Lots of environmental scientists care about the world they live in and want to make it a better place to live for every living organism. The field of science that enviromental scientist fall under is earth science because you're working with nature and living organisms, and studying soil and water, Clearly this is earth science.


For an entry level employee in Wisconsin the hourly salary is $18.75. Therefore, the yearly salary is $39,000. On the other hand the US Average is $18.20 per hour and the yearly salary is $37,850. If you were very experienced you could make up to about $97,000 a year in Wisconsin. But an experienced enviromental scientist makes $107,990 as a US average.

One Employer of this job

Trying to find one employer of this job was not that hard. There were plenty in the northeast Wisconsin area. The location of this employer is in Green Bay Wisconsin on west Military Avenue. it's Called WV-Connection Employer Wisconsin Department of natural resources.

Education Path and Training schools and college.

Education path

If you wish to be a environmental scientist you should at least have a bachelors degree. Since this job deals with the environment you would need an environmental science major. Some helpful high school classes are biology, physics,,chemistry,,calculus, statistics, probability, and Advanced Algebra.

Training Schools and College

The school I would choose to go to is called UW Milwaukee. I choose this because I am able to get an environmental Science major.This school Is located in an urban setting (Milwaukee). This is a public school/college Program. This is a four year college and the student to faculty ratio is 21:1. This schools in is in a great area Close to Chicago, but also a very large city in itsself. I have chosen to go to school in Wisconsin because the pay is higher in Wisconsin than in the US. Lastly the class sizes in Milwaukee vary in size, they can be anywhere from 10 to 400 students. It just depends on what classes you enroll in. For this career there are lot of helpful courses some of which include Biology,Physics ,Earth Science, Calculus, And much more.

GPA needed

The average GPA needed to get into UW Milwakee is 2.500. The Average ACT scores are 18 to 23. The average SAT Scores are 500-599 reading, 500-599 in writing, and the math average is 600-699.

Factors that affect employment

Personally I don't think It will be hard to find this career. It is a Fast growing job and is very important and popular all around the USA including Wisconsin. More and more environmental scientist jobs are becoming available, Hopefully in the future they'll be even more opportunities for environmental scientist.


Even though this is a very fun and a fastly growing 21st Century carrer, I cannot see myself doing this Job. I would prefer something a little bit more creative. A few Pros to this job would be you would learn a lot about nature, help the earth, and have a good salary. Some cons to this job would be that it doesn't seem all that creative and also lots of hours spent doing research. This is a great job for the 21st-century! This would be my first choice of any other science career.


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