To Bee Or Not To Bee

By:Hannah Catalone

Colony Collapase Disorder

Why are the bees disappearing, and where are they going?

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the world is affected by this because, bees produce three fourths of our food we eat,and bees our important to our life cycle. Without the bees we would not have enough food to last a very long time. The bees are a very important of our lifecycle they pollenate different types of foods that our needed for us to live. Many animals rely on bees to produce most of their foods, without the bees they wouldn't have much of their needed food supply.
From reading books about animals being endangered and there population decreasing over the years. This is just like the bees situation,the bees are so important to our lifecycle that if they were to disappear than all the food chain would be effected. I have read many books about animal's numbers falling until they eventually hit zero. At of all the books I read none of these animals would so greatly affect the lifecycle as the bees.
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This is a important issue because, bees pollenate flowers, fruits, and vegetables. We heavily rely on bees to produce most foods that we eat today. Without the bees producing three fourths of what we eat today, the food chain would be extremely affected. There are other pollinators but not enough, to pollenate the amount of crops and flowers that need to be pollenated for us and other animals to be able to live.
Scientists can help with researching and studying why the bee's population is decreasing and who or what is causing this. People can also help by protecting and watching the bees to keep them safe. Some beekeepers have found a new way to keep track of the colony's, by putting microchips on the bees. Also some scientist have developed or made robotic bees to help replace the missing bees.
I care about this important issue because without the bees helping our way of life the whole lifecycle will be affected. The bees are such an important part of our life that without them we would not survive for more than four years. I also care because the bees make three fourths of the food we eat and without them we would not have enough to eat for that long. I also care because, bees work there whole lives to provide for us I think its important to acknowledge this and be grateful for their hard work.
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We rely on the bees so much, it's time to help them for a change. Some farmers have found an out of the box way to keep track of bees, by putting a microchip on them. Other people have built robotic bees to help replace the lost bees. It is really important that we find a way to save the bees other wise we will not see them anymore.