Kate Grace Brown

This is a little bit (Kind of) about me

Point of this

I am so Grateful for my Life, Talents, and the people who have helped me become who I am

About my Life

Hey! I'm Kat! my real name is Kaitlyn Grace Brown but I prefer Kate or Kat, I was born in Sammamish, WA in the United States of America. I was a really bubbly social kid who had lots of friends in Elementary school, I attended Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Sammamish Washington until 4th grade when I moved to Alpine Utah for my Dad's job. I left myself in Washington, all of my friends, admirers, animals, and my fascination with Nature. I lived in Alpine for about 3 years when my parents divorced and I moved to live with some friends of my mom for roughly 2 months until we found a broken house we fixed and moved into. I still visit my dad every Tuesday and every other weekend and Holiday, My dad got remarried and he moved to Lehi UT that makes transportation a little harder but I'm sure more people have it worse. I now attend Liahona Prepatory Academy in Pleasant Grove UT. I love to read, and write, my friends like to joke about how fast I read :) my record is probably nine 300-400 page books in one day (imagine the pain of my headache after that!) I have always and still do love anything soft and fuzzy basically anything from kittens to pillows. I am currently writing a book it's called 'The Rising' its a work in progress... haha. I am super shy and quiet until I trust and befriend you. My close friends can't remember me ever being quiet and shy but hats probably because I never act that way around them anymore. I also love to cook, and create like sculpting, dancing, sketching, painting, coloring, and making jewelry. I love to watch Minecraft I I LOVE love love love! Aphmau, she is such a role model in my life, I really enjoy (*ahem insert 'obsess') her Minecraft Diaries series, I just adore the storyline and characters! so yea that's a bit about me :3 Fun Fact: my initials are KGB (ha ha very fuuny) if you don't know who they are then use Google :)

The Kate Klan

LOL the title! anyway I have a mom and dad (No Duh!) and a brother, dog, and lizard, Nate (my brother) andi got our first pets at 5 and 3 (I is older) they were wait for it.... Hermet Crabs! Really? that's a brilliant pet for a 5 year old mom! (jk luv ya) I have some painful memories of those crabs, mine had a yellow shell and I named her Pansey, Hey! she was! she like NEVER came out of her shell, Nathan's was well, the opposite. Blue crab (creative right?) was feisty, when he pinched he held on like a wet cat. We got Nina when I was 7, she's still with us for a few more years but still acts like a puppy. She is a Bernese Mountain dog so she's HUGE but the most gentle animal i've ever met she is super calm unless you play with her, she's great with little children :)


I was born in Kirkland Washington on February 27th 9am 2001. I guess you could say I'm Kirkland Signature :) (SO Sorry!!) I'm super sarcastic (if you couldn't tell) I LOVE music and cats, I'm 14, 5'2 with shoulder length blonde hair, and gray-blue eyes, I'm also White (no really?!) and... Female :P


I love to draw, write, blog, cook, bike, read, photography, visiting the Humane Society, Hanging with friends, travel, play video games (Minecraft) watch movies, learn, play in the snow and trying to catch snowflakes before they melt, make jewelry, sing, dance, laugh, smile, listen to music


Below are some of the drawings I've been working on (Don' Judge too Harshly, Nobody's Perfect!)


I LOVE watching videos on YouTube, I especially love this one YouTuber named Aphmau, (the button below will take you too her channel) she playes a huge variety of games but this channel is more focused on Minecraft. Her biggest success was a series called Minecraft Diaries, there is SO much shipping in that series!

This will take you too my fav. YouTuber