Reptile Feeding

by : Hrishi , Rohith and Yadushan

Our Problem

Bob is a zookeeper,he likes to feed the crocodiles and alligators. He has 160 pounds of meat he has to split them equally between the 4 crocodiles and 4 alligators. Each crocodile and alligator needs the same amount of meat. How many pounds will each crocodile and alligator get?


160 / (4 + 4) = m


You have 160 pounds of meat. You add the number of crocodiles and alligators. then you divide 160 pounds of meat with the sum of crocodiles and alligators.


(40 x 20)+( 40 x 2) / 8 = M


There is going to be 20 pounds of meat for the alligators and crocodiles.