Shepard World Language- Feb 2016

¡Hola y bienvenidos! Bonjour et bienvenue!

6th grade Spanish classes are...

learning to describe themselves using adjectives. In elementary school, they learned about adjectives and how they become masculine and feminine to describe boys/girls. They are using that information along with several new adjectives to describe their personalities. Students are also working on questions such as ¿Cómo eres (según tu familia/tus amigos)? - What are you like (according to your family/friends). They might be asking you what you think about them, so they can tell the class their families' opinions of them. Later this unit they will be writing their first full paragraph describing themselves and what they like to do (what we learned last unit). By the end of this unit, they will also be able to describe their friends and what they like to do. Please encourage your students to work with their new vocabulary nightly. Learning a new language takes lots of practice. They can use GoVocab, Quizlet (links on my website), their flashcards, their notes, and worksheets from the class. If you notice them doing homework and not using notes or their vocab list, please remind them to take it out. Notes are found on my website, in case they don't have their binder at home. Continuously practicing vocab without the list, can result in continuous practice of the wrong spelling of words. While this is something the students know, they sometimes don't make the right choice on their own. ¡Muchas gracias! --Last updated 1/26/15

8th grade Spanish classes are...

working on a unit on ropa (clothes)! This fun unit allows students to personalize their vocabulary to their wardrobe. We will be using resources like YouTube videos, choice boards, communicative activities, a fashion show, and much more to practice this set of vocabulary and get students communicating!

To help your student study, you can ask them to describe what you are currently wearing or ask them what they plan to wear (including colors and prices). Over the course of a few weeks, students should progress from short phrases to full sentences.

7th Grade Spanish classes are...

learning to describe location and places in town. They are able to give and follow directions to various places. The new verb conjugation for this unit is the verb ir: to go. Students are also learning how to ask and answer questions in Spanish.

In order to help with Spanish feel free to learn the question words song and sing along with your student (Link to question words song: You can also ask them to give you directions to places when you are out and about in town.

Change in homework policy 6th, 7th & 8th grade French

Skyward will no longer show student homework, just assessments. Each French student maintains his or her own late or missing homework spreadsheet in google drive. It will be monitored and screenshots may be sent home in an email note. Students are now more empowered to control their homework habits. The goal is to have an empty spreadsheet, although there may be an occasion where homework is missed and has to be turned in late. Those will be accumulated on the spreadsheet throughout the quarter.

8th grade French classes are...

learning about the importance of fashion in the French culture. Students are using the verbs porter (to wear), mettre (to put on) and avoir (to have) to talk about what people wear now and in the past. In our final unit, students will be learning about rooms in the house and the different chores they do at home.

On May 3rd we have a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago to see the Impressionist exhibit. To finish off the year we will be reading a short novel called "Pauvre Anne," about a 16 year old girl from New York who travels to Belgium and learns that her problems in life are not so different from others'.

7th grade French classes are...

continuing a unit about school and school life. Students are learning verbs with the endings -cer and -ger. Ask your Frenchie what is special about them! Using the verbs acheter (to buy) and préférer (to prefer) Frenchies will talk about what supplies they need for classes and which classes they prefer.
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6th grade French classes are...

saying how much they like or don't like a specific activity or thing using adverbs (a little, a lot) and recognizing feminine and masculine nouns--the essense of learning French (pure memorization). We will then be learning about how to answer the question "Qu'est-ce que tu préfères?" concerning sports and leisure activities.

Translation to joke: What is the star that's closest to the earth?

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