Conferring with Students

One-to-one conversations ALL about their Independent Reading


All of you were given a slip of paper as you entered the room. Each slip of paper has a word that belongs to a category. In order to find your group, you'll have to figure out the category. Get up, talk, move around, and find your partners!

It's Time to Talk!

Topics to discuss:

  • What have you already tried with your students?
  • What worked?
  • What didn't?
  • What are you still wondering about?
  • What did you like about the videos in the Google Classroom session?

Mrs. Cunningham

*The picture is a placeholder- Mrs. Cunningham agreed to have pictures of her conferring with students on the training.*

-Maybe Mrs. Cunningham would be willing to model for us or we could show a video of her conferring with a student.

Additional Resources

Book me for a session!

Monday, Oct. 17th, 9pm

1200 South Irving Heights Drive

Irving, TX

Schedule me by the 17th, so I can go observe/coach/model/co-teach with you! Send me an email with date, time, and focus, then I'll send you a calendar invite.

Remember that my conference time is from ______to______ and my lunch time is from ____to______.