Bullying Flyer

By Angelica and Chloe

Health resources aimed at supporting victims of bullying.

Reach is an organisation of supporting young people to get to the most out of their life. They aim to imrpove the wellbeing of young people so they can be healthy and meet life's challenges and fulfil their potential. Their mission is to encourage young people, no matter what their circumstances, to believe they can achieve. Young people can relate to the crew because they speak honestly and openly about their journey and challenges.

Each year, 30,000 young people aged 10-18 experience Reach through their workshops that are 100% youth-led designed and delivered. Different workshops are avaliable for students and groups of young people. The workshops is designed to meet the needs of teenage participants, generally workshops encourage young people to explore what it is to be a young person by providing opportunities for participation in interactive youth-led disscussions and activities. They can be 90 minutes school workshops or afterschool workshops and weekends away.

Recommended website for student use.

Name the website and the organisation.



R.I.C Publications

Identify and describe at least 3 useful of the website that make it a useful resource for teenagers.

Why do people Bully?

How does Bullying make you feel?

What can you do?

This website is useful because it gives you a lot of detail and information that would help you understand and know what to do about bullying and also know who to talk to.