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May 17, 2019

Pay No Attention To The Crazy Around You Or The Full Moon Above You

What a week! Field day, field trips, and general shenanigans. were abound this week. Thank you for staying the course, helping kid stay accountable for our expectations, and continuing with the strong instruction that we have had all year. Don't stop now. We've got three and a half day next week--we can do it.

If you haven't already, please take time to talk about goodbyes, ending time together, making lasting memories, or keeping a tangible reminder of the time you all spent. If we are able to help students end this year in a positive and appropriate way it helps students enter into the summer. We have had some noticeable bridge burning from a few kids who are struggling with the end of the year. Circling about this topic is time well spent.

Finally Saturday is a full moon....but you didn't need me to tell you that.

Below is a link to an article about the last few days of school. As a bonus Fr. Guido Sarduchi has a motivational speech for you about his 5 minute university. The last part of this article is not totally applicable to us at the elementary level, since we aren't cramming anything in for a final exam (that time has come and gone) but I think it is worth a read.

Poem to help say goodbye

This is a poem that could be fun to use with your class (likely younger grades) to have fun with saying goodbye.
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Update the DRA Spreadsheet

Many of you are close to finished or already done your DRAs. Please make sure that you have updated the spread sheet with your May scores. I need those updated scores to calculate our growth for my goals with Dr. Moorhouse. I'm thinking we will be very close to my goal of 65% proficient. That was a gutsy goal for me to choose so while I'm not sure we'll make it....we will have shown tremendous growth this year. Great job everyone.

PLCs next week

I'm going to start with my sincere apologies for changing next weeks PLC meetings again. I wanted to meet with you all before the end of the year in PLC and discuss our books before we left for the summer. However, with possible scores coming out from the state that teachers in grades 3,4 and 5 must input on Tuesday, and conducting the Professionalism Rubric conferences with teachers it has just become impossible. We will discuss all remaining parts of the books in the work days before school starts or very early in the school year. I apologize for having to make this change, but deadlines that are beyond our school are making it impossible to have that last PLC together. I appreciate your understanding.

Closing Bulletin

Attached is the Closing information for this school year. I'm working on what do do with the draft books because I'm not sure storing them for the summer is beneficial to our current practice. It is my understanding that a former principal had these draft books saved and there was time given to reviewing them with the next grade in the fall. I have had feed back from several grades regarding that practice and it is not one that has been utilized in several years (even before me). A suggestion was made to send them home with students at the end of the year, and possibly saving one piece of writing to pass along to the next year's teacher. Before I make a final decision on this I will check with other schools to ensure that we are not breaking some long standing KCS expectation regarding these books. Stay Tuned.

The bulletin is located below as well as in our Team Drive in the End Of Year Forms folder. Please print a copy for yourself.

What do we want to do with this year's Data Folders?

Please answer this one question survey of what we want to do with this year's data folders. We are buying binders for next year based on feedback from last month's faculty meeting revisiting data folders. I need to know what the majority wants to do with their folders by the end of the day on Monday so we have time to follow what we all want to do with them. Thanks.

Emergency Cell Phones

If you have not already done so, please turn in your extremely antiquated cell phone that was given to each teacher from the district to use as an emergency tool for communication in case the power went out. We will no longer be using them. Kathy will be collecting them.

Any lingering tardy notes ETC

As you are cleaning up and cleaning out, please take a moment to send any rediscovered tardy notes/doctor excuses to Kathy. She needs to get everything with attendance updated in the cafeteria ASAP. Thanks.

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