The Wolves Den

Week of May 18th 2020 Digital Learning Edition

Some fun up and coming days to celebrate at home...

May 16 National Armed Forces Day

May 17 National Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

May 18 National No Dirty Dishes Day

May 19 National Devil's Food Cake Day

May 20 National Rescue Dog Day

May 21 National Waitstaff Day

May 22 National Road Trip Day NO SCHOOL TODAY!!

May 23 World Turtle Day

May 24 National Scavenger Hunt Day

May 25 Memorial Day NO SCHOOL TODAY

We are focusing on Play this week and the challenge will be a scavenger hunt

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End of the year update

We greatly appreciate your partnership and the work you are doing to continue to support your child’s education. During times like this, we need each other more than ever. We also understand each family has unique circumstances they are dealing with. That said, if your child has not joined in our learning opportunities, it is never too late. Please reach out to your child’s teachers and/or the building administrators with any questions or what needs your family may have to get started.

Transitioning to a distance learning model for the fourth quarter made it necessary to create an alternative progress report that matched our learning opportunities. At the start of distance learning, our teachers worked together to determine the essential skills that would be the focus for learning. As you may recall from previous communications from administrators and teaching staff, our focus would be on feedback, not grades. Teachers and administrators have worked together to create a unique summative report for each course, that includes student reflection and teacher feedback. Some of the features of these reports are as follows:

  • Essential skills for the course will be listed.

  • Students will reflect on their own growth and learning of each essential skill.

  • Students will provide a written explanation/rationale for their reflection.

  • Teachers will provide feedback on each of the essential skills, focusing specifically on:

    • Areas of strength

    • Recommendations for future growth

Our teachers will continue to provide learning opportunities through the end of the school year. Staff will use the final week of school, June 8-11, to complete final reflections/summative reports and wrap up classes.

Big picture

Yearbooks, Yearbooks, Yearbooks

Our yearbooks are coming. We are still planning on selling yearbooks to anyone that has not had a chance to purchase one yet. Please read the attached document about the process we are going to do in regards to selling yearbooks and mailing them out.

8th Grade Families

Lincoln High School Class of 2024! As we come to an end of a year like no other… we want you to know how excited we are to welcome you to the Shipyard, next school year! As disappointing as it was to have to postpone our incoming Freshmen night in March, we want you to know that we continue to plan for future opportunities to prepare you for your Freshmen year.

These opportunities include:

  • A class of 2024 Google Classroom which will include a variety of resources for you to check out (Shared with all 8th graders by May 15th).
  • A virtual school tour brought to you by our school Administration team.
  • A late summer opportunity to better acquaint yourselves with our building.

Fall 2020 Athletic Information from Lincoln High School Athletic Director Mr. Steavpack is shared here. Questions please contact Mr. Steavpack at

Keep a watch out for information in the next couple of weeks! Go SHIPS!!

Tips For Distance Learning

  1. Create a schedule for your children.
  2. Turn off the News and Talk. The news can be upsetting, especially to our children. Continue to let your children know it is okay to feel however they are feeling. PBS News Hour- is news that is appropriate for kids grades 6-12
  3. Stay Connected with Family and Friends. Here is a list of ideas!
  4. Enjoy the family time. Ideas to stay Healthy, Educated, and Entertained at this time.
  5. Be patient & give each other grace.
  6. Stumped? Turn it over to the teachers: Have your child email the teachers.
  7. Check in With Teachers: Periodically, check in with teachers if your child is struggling.
  8. Just Start Today: Take away the pressure and overwhelming feeling. Some kids may have many assignments piling up and they don't know where to even begin. Tell them to just Start Today! Start with the lessons that are posted for today. Don't worry about the lessons from the past days or even weeks.