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Central Competes in Consortium Spelling Bee

( L-R) Elizabeth Yautz, Julia Zurawski, Isabella Rietze, George Yermak, Amiran Lerner, Satvik Repaka and Madison Moran

By Julia Zurawski

Three seventh grade spellers and four eighth grade spellers accompanied Mrs. Pogash to The Delbarton School on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 to participate in a spelling bee sponsored by the Morris-Union Consortium. Elizabeth Yautz, George Yermak, and Julia Zurawski, made up the seventh grade Junior Varsity Team, while Amiran Lerner, Madison Moran, Satvik Repaka, and Isabella Rietze comprised the Varsity Team. Participating schools included: Kent Place, Morristown Beard, Morris Plains Borough, Oratory Prep, Oak Knoll, Frelinghuysen, Central Middle School, and Delbarton. While Isabella Rietze made it all the way to the fourth round, this year’s winners for both the varsity and junior varsity teams came from The Morristown Beard School. While we did not bring back a trophy this year, our school should still be proud of the way our spellers represented us. Great job, Central!


By Kevin Feinstein

December 9th was the last day of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, an important holiday for American Jews. Although it is well-known throughout the country, its traditions remain unknown to most. The celebration of Hanukkah is very common and important for Jews across America. The actual reason for the holiday is a celebration of the Jews fighting and rebelling against their rulers, who had sacked and destroyed the First Temple in Jerusalem. Along with it came a story about the 8 candles. The holiday takes place over 8 Jewish days (sundown to sundown), each day lighting a new candle with the tallest of the 9 in the middle, called the “Shamash”. One would light these candles right to left just after saying three Hebrew prayers for the first night, and two for the rest of the nights, while wearing the small hat known as Yarmulka (yah-mah-kah) in Yiddish, or Kippot (Keepah) in Hebrew. Some families have a nice dinner on the first night or another, maybe multiple. The tradition of opening presents came during the celebration of course, some may say. However, this is only an American tradition, coming from the fact that many of the children in the school would receive Christmas presents, the Jewish kids would most likely feel left out, so many people started doing gifts for the whole family, which has continued to this day. However, as many will attest, comes the best tradition of all, the Ashkenazi (eastern European Jewish) tradition of eating the arguably best food of all time, latkes, also called by the non-Jewish name of “Potato Pancakes”. Though this might seem like the most important holiday on the Jewish calendar, it is not, that would go to Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Passover. Despite this, Hanukkah has become a symbol of Jewish representation and pride in America, something that has been needed for a long time here, and still is throughout the world. The number of people who know about Hanukkah is a monument to not only the freedoms in this country, but for Jewish pride throughout the country. Although it is not the most important holiday religiously, it is a truly special time for the American Jewish community.

Central Boys' Basketball Team

By Mossimo Infante-Meehan

The Central Middle School Boys Basketball team started off the season strong with two wins and one loss. So far, the boys have played Valley View (W 58-28), Middlesex (W 56-21), and Bound Brook (L 52-48). Coached by Mr. Hockmeyer, the starting five are Anthony Autenrieth, Mossimo Infante-Meehan, David Labib, Riley McCann, and Trenon Stanard. The rest of the team is made up of Mead Briggs, Byron McCann, Dermot McGuire, Jack Murray, Matt Novello, Joseph Oleske, and Taithn Stanard. Practices are challenging as they spend time practicing plays, press breaks, drills, shuffles, sprints, all to prepare them for what’s to come. Hopefully, their hard work and talent will put a (2018-19 season) banner on the wall.

Central Girls' Basketball Team

By Madison Moran

Each girl on the girls’ basketball team has improved dramatically in just about a month of playing on the team. They have begun the season with two losses, but each game has brought with it incredible improvement. The team consists of eighth graders Nicole Cicchetti, Amanda Medina, Kylie Miller, Madison Moran, Samantha Raymond, and Elizabeth Vreeland, seventh graders Nicole Coleman, Emily Eggers, Jillian Gaydos, Madison Thievon, and Sofia Squizziato, and sixth grader Madison DiSarno. The team’s first game was against Valley View, and they lost, but they put up an incredible fight. The same went for their second game against Middlesex, in which they were down early but came back and put up a huge fight in the fourth quarter. Though the start of the season has been a little rough, the girls are sure to begin winning games soon. Go tigers!

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Meyersville Tree Lighting

By Samantha Shatz

On Sunday December 2, 2018, the annual Meyersville Tree Lighting took place. Every year people in the local area gather to see the lighting of the Meyersville Christmas tree. There were fireworks, and refreshments, such as cookies, hot chocolate, and coffee. Central School band students performed music at the lighting under the direction of Miss Varner.

Top Ten Things Teens Want for Christmas

By Briana O'Connor

Are you wondering what to get your teen for Christmas? Well here’s the top ten things teens want for Christmas? Buy anything on this list, and you will have a hit for the holidays.

  1. Video Games

  2. Consoles

  3. Electronics

  4. Makeup

  5. Clothes

  6. Gift Cards

  7. Phone Case

  8. Shoes

  9. Books

  10. Money

Jazzin Up the Holidays With Music

By Kevin Feinstein

On Tuesday, December 11, the Central Middle School held its band concert at 7 o’clock. The performance included our school's Jazz Band, directed by Miss Varner. The Jazz Band played two songs - "Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock, and the Christmas classic “Jingle Bell Rock” by Joe Beal and Jim Boothe. The Jazz band is composed of Jasper Bontamase, Lana Chasen, Sophia Ehlert, Kevin Feinstein, Ethan Gallic, Jillian Gaydos, Daniela Guevara, Raymond Lavender, Dermot Mcguire, Ethan Moran, Mason Moran, Sunayana Navaluri, Ivan Nilsen, Bailey Unchester, Sebastian Viegas, Elizabeth Yautz, and Julia Zurawski. The songs were fun to play for the students and enjoyable for all those who came to listen.

Central School Band Performs Holiday Concert

By: Hannah Laufer

The 2018 winter band concert on December 11 was phenomenal. In the 6th grade band, Flutes- Hannah Laufer, Catherine Lavender, and Juliette Scott. Clarinets- Samantha Clark, Anton Levonian, Lilliana DeFinizio, and Liani Rosado. Alto Saxophones- Nicholas Farley, Vanya Pankratov, Roman Elizagaray, John Wozniak. Trumpets- Colin Belfield, Jacob Lee, Byron McCann, Ethan Moran, Taylor Campbell, and Lucia Perez. Tenor Sax- Alexandra Walec. Trombones- Olivia Barrett and Daniela Guevara. Baritone- Matthew Quinn. Percussion- Xavier Abeijon, Emily Carpenter, Breslyn Keegan, and Jessica Romero-Ramos. The 6th grade band played “Frosty the Snowman”, “Winter Holidays”, ”I Will Follow Him”, “Yo Christmas Tree”, and “All for Hanukkah”.
In the 7th grade band, Flutes- Sarah Bontomase, Sophia Ehlert, Sophie Kotar, Maya Shroff, and Julia Zurawski. Clarinets- Urmi Banerjee, Tanitha Chon, Sunayana Navuluri, and Elizabeth Yautz. Bass Clarinets- Aadya Bharadwaj and Sean Hall. Saxophones- Jillian Gaydos, Kyra Langell, and Mason Moran. Tenor Saxophone- Jacob Fullman. Trombones- Kevin Feinstein Michaele Galati, and Sam Lopes. Baritone- Tommy Osmond. Percussion- Reagan Salvo, Durga Shylesh, Sophia Fish, Lillian Palmer, and William Sorrentino.
In the 8th grade band, Flutes- Amiran Lerner, Clara Ma, Madison Moran, Isabella Rietze, and Sarah Vignes. Clarinets- Nicholas Ikonomidis and Riley McCann. Saxophone- Satvik Repaka. Trumpets- Ethan Galic, Raymond Lavender, Dermot McGuire, and Ivan Nilsen. Baritones- Jasper Bontomase and Bailey Unchester. Percussion- Abigail Kohan. Both the 7th and 8th grade bands played “Jurassic Park”, “A Christmas Festival”, and “Hanukkah Festival of Lights”. Overall, everyone did an amazing job and all together, the concert was exquisite.

Central School’s Chorus Concert Making Spirits Bright

By Breslyn Keegan

On December 12, Central School’s Chorus, directed by Miss Varner, gave a spectacular performance. The songs included “All I want for Christmas Is You,” “Silent Night,” “Torah Orah,” “Dona Nobis Pacem,” and “Shalom.” The sixth grade members of chorus are Olivia Barrett, Cheyenne Carbone, Caelan Davine, Julianna DeFazio, Amy Dos Santos, Sarah Dowd, Daniela Guevara, Taylor Guli, Katelyn Johnstone, Breslyn Keegan, Olivia Lapetina, Ava Lattarulo, Hanna Laufer, Sophia Li, Liah Machese, Julia Moakly, Danai Orabi, Lucia Perez, Celia Pinto, Caroline Roberts, Jessica Romero-Ramos, Juliette Scott, Bella Sluyter, Delia Torpey, Kelsey UNchester, Alexandra Vascellaro, Olivia Vascellaro, and Daniela Velez. The seventh grade members are Hope Anastario, Sarah Bontomase, Grace Coslet, Lethycia Duarte, Sophia Ehlert, Michaele Galati, Jillian Gaydos, Sophie Kotar, Kyra Langell, Emily McCormick, Nick Morris, Anne O’ Mullan, Lillian Palmer, Durga Shylesh. The eighth graders are Cailene Barone, Georgia Fishteyn, Abigail Kohan, Amiran Lerner, Ivan Nilsen, Isabella Rietze, Daniella Russotti, Isabella Simoes. There were two performances, one during the school day, and one during the evening. The chorus’ next performance is in the spring.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year!

Enjoy the long holiday break!

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