heroes or victims?


Gladiators were typically people that were sentenced to death. However, they could also be free men or women who gave up his/her freedom to become a gladiator

what happened at the games?

At the games the gladiators would fight to the death. In the morning the gladiators would fight the lions and tigers, about 9,000 animals were killed during all the games. Around noon the criminals were killed by mnay things such as animals, fire, gladiators. In teh afternoon the main events were held where the gladiators would fight to the death. A total of 3,000 men/women fought at the coliseum.

pros and cons of being a gladiator


  • You only fought two or three times a year.
  • When you are a gladiator you can earn your freedom if you fight for three years successfuly without dying.
  • Most gladiators became wealthy and a part of the upperclass.


  • You were expected to die before your three years was up.
  • You had to have a special diet.
  • It was a gladiators duty to die.
  • Even if you make it out alive with cuts and gashes they will most likely become infected and you could then die.