Stem Cell Research for Diseases

By: Paul Myla

Stem Cell

Stem Cells are cells that can turn into specialized cells. When a cell divides, it has the potential of staying of stem cell or become a more specialized cell type.There are two types of stem cells.One is called the embryonic stem cell the other is adult stem cell.Stem cells come from embryos that are 3-5 days old and has about 150 cells. An interesting fact is that a small percentage comes from embryo's. Most of them come from Bone Marrow,Placenta and Cord tissue,Amniotic Fluid,Teeth and Umbilical Cord Blood.Stem cells have the potential to cure diseases because they are currently using stem cells to test treatment and medications to see how they react inside the body.Also they are using the stem cells to understand how diseases work.

There has been some controversy on stem cell research on whether to allow it or not.My perspective on the research is they should give it a try at least. You never know unless you give it a shot. If it goes all and well then you have found a cure for diseases like cancer, ebola and many more. Also it could save peoples lives.The posibillities are today's dream ,tomorrow reality.. So that is my point of view. on stem cell research.