University of Alabama

Clarissa Edwards

The University of Alabama is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The University is 621 miles from Keller, so it's pretty far away. The campus is around 1,000 acres. There was a 29,440 acceptance last year. There is no religion affiliation. The male to female ratio is 45% to 55%.

You must have a 3.0 GPA. In addition 21 ACT and 1,000 SAT for a scholarship. You are required to have:

- 4 units of English

- 4 units of Social Studies

- 3 units of Mathematics

- 3 units of Natural Science

- 1 unit of foreign language

- 5 additional units of academic courses

The University many majors and minors. One of the majors is an art major. Two of the minors is Computer-Based honors and Creative writing.

There is a 19:1 student-faculty ratio.