Introducing Your SSMS FLI

Misty Maxwell

"The measure of a reading life is not in pages & minutes. It is in the experiences." ~Donalyn Miller

What You Need to Know

I am a:
  • Book Lover
  • Educator (15+ years)
  • Tech Geek
  • Problem Solver

What You Want to Know

I have a family, pets, and enjoy many activities, all of which, I will break down below. Having fun is essential but working hard and completing projects makes me happy. Learning is my passion which is why I am still paying off student loans! I love teaching people so I made it my career but I could have also been a forensic entomologist.


Enough about me because my family is pretty awesome too!

My hubby is an amazing Football/Girls Soccer Coach with 3 state championships (2-football, 1-girls soccer). He is a whiz with history and geography and enjoys teaching at the high school level. My favorite thing about him is his crazy, funny, sense of humor. He makes me laugh. All.The.Time.

My 4 kiddos are unique and inspiring to me, I only wish for them to be happy in their own ways as they follow their paths through life.

My oldest son is Kagen who is 19 and enjoying college at Texas State. My first middle son is 18 and his name is TC. He graduated a year early and began his Army career. Son number three is Madden who was originally the baby of the family. Now, at 14, he is taller than all of his brothers as well as me and still growing! Last, but never left behind, is 11 year old Kynlee. She is the only girl and knows how to use it to get her way with her big bubbas.

We all love on our two dogs (Chewy and Princess) and our kitty (Bella). Chewbacca is a yorkie/maltese and he is our little old man. Princess Leia is a schnauzer/chihuahua and her very loveable personality makes her the best lapdog. Bella is a cat. Need I say more?

Activities I enjoy:

Reading, sports (running, softball, golf, watching college football), photography, traveling, hanging out with friends, and driving my car!

My Favorite Movie of All Time!

Honest Trailers - The Princess Bride

Now Ya Know!