The Skeletal System

The system that keeps you from looking like a marshmellow

The Skeletal System is an important system!

The skeletal system is made out of 3 different types of bone: The soft bone, cardiac bone, and skeletal bone. This system is located everywhere in your body! A baby is born with about 300 bones! Later, the bones combine and become one and that will end up giving you 208 bones.

To keep your system healthy....

You should get enough rest or sleep. You should also eat calcium rich foods, avoid smoking or drinking too much alcohol, use headgear, and wear a seatbelt!

Structure of the Skeletal System

The skeletal System has many bones, here are some of them: The skull (which protects your brain), your vertebrae, your clavicle, scapula, ribs, sternum, femur, fibula, tibia, humerus, radius, ulna, and sacrum.

Function of the skeletal system

The skeletal system in the body provides the shape, supports and protects organs and the soft areas of the body. Its others functions are bodily movement, producing blood for the body, and storing minerals that the physical structure needs.


The skeletal system is interdependent with the immune system, because it contains the bone marrow. This bone marrow is inside the bone and makes the white blood cells to kill germs.