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The First Christmas Gift

You may have recently noticed people wearing orange shirts with white bloc lettering standing on freeway over passes. The white block lettering?

It says John 3:16. Why is this verse so widely known and declared? What is it inside of every human being that resonates with the message of this verse?

As human beings, core to our existence is the need to be LOVED.

We innately know that our life is meaningless without it, and we consciously and unconsciously seek to fill this need. Sometimes, in the absence of a healthy source of love in our life, we resort to things we believe will give us love such as manipulation, our performance or sexual promiscuousness. Yet the truth is, we never were without love! John 3:16 clearly and indisputably says, For GOD so loved…US! Regardless of our perceptions, we are totally and completely loved, so much so that HE GAVE.

The thing about giving is that it requires activity by both parties: The Giver and The Receiver. The Giver is the one who lovingly determines the GIFT; spends time preparing the GIFT; excitedly plans for delivery of the GIFT; and sacrificially gives the GIFT. The Receiver’s only required response is to accept the gift as their own. The degree to which The Receiver is blessed by the GIFT directly relates to the degree by which they receive and enjoy the GIFT itself AND the love expressed by The Giver.

Even as we were made with the fundamental need to be loved, God is the source of the love we so desperately need. His perfect expression of love was his coming to us himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Our greatest need is God’s presence. He came to us as Emmanuel, God with us. He comes to us today. Our greatest need fulfills His greatest desire which is for us to be present to him and receiving his love.

We encourage you this Christmas to take time to receive the fullness of the gift God has given you: to ponder fresh and new the meaning and the value of Jesus Christ and His blood; to drink in the depth to which God loves you; and to deliberately take time to enjoy God. To be still and watch Him be GOD! To think what it means that He is GOD! Enjoy His presence and bless Him with yours! It is from this place that we are able to truly bless others.

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Beginning immediately, we have revised and updated our web presence to better promote and highlight the many prayer ministries and churches that are developing, encouraging and implementing united persistent prayer in the region. Please take a moment to submit your prayer ministry or church so we can highlight your work and the events taking place in the region as we weave together the diverse prayer strands of our Sacramento region.

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Seek God for the City 2016

Join us as we SEEK GOD FOR Our CITY in 2016!

This prayer guide is designed to unite prayer of biblical hope for the people of your community during the 40 days to Palm Sunday, February 10 to March 20, 2016.

This 64-page prayer guide makes it easy for you to pray rich, biblical prayers for spiritual awakening throughout your city.

Find out more about how Seek God for the City can help your church unite and focus prayer for your community »

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Thank You!

THANK YOU for your love of Jesus Christ! THANK YOU for your devotion to prayer. THANK YOU for your desire and hunger to see the fullness of God manifested in our region! Hallelujah and Amen!