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April 8th, 2016

Our Week of Learning...


  • We wrapped up Helen Keller by working on a book review of Helen Keller. The students were required to use text evidence to support their thoughts. We also worked on character traits, theme, and using illustrations to help understand the text and the mood. The students reading Helen Keller's Teacher finished reading their novel and will be writing book reviews next week.

  • In math, our study of fractions continues. We have worked on fractions larger than 1 whole and comparing fractions with greater than, less than, and equal to, which can be tricky for some. Students tend to think the fraction with the bigger denominator is the larger fraction. We will continue to work on this concept.

  • As you know the students are creating carnival games!!! We are all super excited. The students will be required to explain the science behind their game using our force and motion vocabulary. This idea stemmed from a boy named Caine and his arcade, Caine's arcade. If you have a few minutes to spare, I would highly recommend watching the video. It is quite inspiring.
  • In order for our carnival to be successful, we will need an abundant amount of resources. Some have been donated already. Thank you! I am also collecting materials for students to use. Please ask your learner what he/she feels will be needed to create his/her game. If you are able to donate any recycled material from your home, it would be much appreciated!! In the words of Helen Keller: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Thank you!


  • Monday is the big day!! I can't wait to meet all of our famous guests! Your child is welcome to wear his/her costume to school on Monday or change into it when it is time to present. Whatever is most convenient for your child. If your child chooses to change into his/her costume at school, I will allow time to change. I am going to try my best to have all students give their oral presentations on Monday, April 11th. If we don't get through everyone (although, I think we will be able to) I will have students finish up on Tuesday.

Force and Motion on the Playground...

On Tuesday we explored Force and Motion on the playground. The students REALLY enjoyed taking Science outside. Our upcoming study of plants will lend itself well to Science outdoors!
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Supplies are coming in...Thank you!

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Whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated!

· Popsicle sticks

· Ping pong balls

· Straws

· Rubber bands

· Plastic spoons

· Paper cups

· Clothespins

· Masking tape

· Metal springs/coals

· Aluminum foil

· Marbles

· Paper plates

· Cardboard tubes

· Styrofoam trays

· Plastic fruit containers

· Index cards

· Metal washers

· Tissue paper

· Plastic lids

· Pie tins

· Plastic water bottles

· Metal brads/fasteners

· Plastic containers

· Oatmeal canisters

· Coffee canisters

· Small baskets

· Felt

· Small bean bags

· Shoes boxes

· Pieces of cardboard

· String

· Q-tips

· Cotton balls

· Balloons

Parcc Testing...

Our Parcc testing begins on Wednesday of next week. We will be testing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of next week and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of the following week. This week we worked on some paper/pencil practice and used the computers to familiarize ourselves will logging onto the Parcc system. As I mentioned last week, I absolutely do not want the students to stress about this test. I hopefully have made it clear to the students that we only ask that they get a good night's rest, eat a good breakfast, and try their best!

A Look Ahead...

  • April 11th: Biography Presentations
  • April 11th - 22nd: Parcc Testing
  • April 15th: Half Day of School
  • April 18th: The Lemonade War: Penny Wars begins
  • April 22nd: The Lemonade War Spirit Day: Wear Yellow
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~Benjamin Franklin