Secondary School News

Honeoye Central School District: September 2020

A Message From Mrs. Klaehn

Dear MS and HS Families,

I know I am speaking for every single faculty and staff member at HCS when I tell you how happy we were to have students in school last week, and to be able to welcome them back again on Monday morning.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we have worked through our reopening. I never dreamed that I would be arriving at school on the first day, in the dark, tape measure in one hand and sidewalk chalk in the other, to mark "six feet" lines from the parking lot and bus loop to the entrance. Nevertheless, it's exactly how Wednesday morning began! I'm happy to say that the delay in shipping of the distance marking dots was brief, and the green dots will now free up an hour for me every morning.

I also want to thank those of you who shared your feedback with me during the first few days; hearing your experience at the drop-off loop or with connectivity issues helped us to identify immediate areas of growth. You will see information pertaining to these, and several other key details, in this newsletter. Please continue to reach out; we don't know how to solve problems if we don't know what they are.

Having your children in our classrooms and hallways has lifted the spirits of every adult in the building. They have adjusted to new procedures beautifully and they are as delightful as ever.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement; we are in this together!

Warmest Regards,

Addie Klaehn

Secondary Principal

Picture Day is Rescheduled!

Big picture
School Picture Day for secondary students was originally scheduled for Tuesday 9/15 and Wednesday 9/16. For several reasons, we had to reschedule this event. We are shooting for early October, but I will communicate new dates with all families as soon as I have them confirmed. I apologize for the short notice and inconvenience surrounding this.

Remote Instruction & Technology Support

Our technology department has been incredibly busy these past few weeks (and then some). In July, HCS appointed a new Director of Instructional Technology. Nicholette Klingensmith has been on-the-go since Day 1. The best way to receive tech help from home is to utilize the "Tech Help" tab from the Instruction and Technology link on the HCS website. You can find a link to that page here. When students are on campus, they can ask their teacher for assistance. If teachers are unable to help, they will send students down to our Tech Office.

If your student is working from the same device they had last year (meaning the device was not turned in over the summer for updates), they are likely experiencing glitches. For example, we're finding that most students who are having trouble accessing links to Google Meets for 100% Remote instruction are students who still have their old devices. The updates that were run over the summer are necessary for proper access to digital instruction. We have new devices for every single student. If you are experiencing technical difficulty and using an old device, please reach out to our Tech Support using the link above so we can troubleshoot.

I have had several students and parents reach out asking if students need to connect via Google Meets to their classes on their non-cohort/ Remote Instruction days. While the opportunity is available to students to do this as needed, the general response is no; students who are working remotely on their non-cohort days are engaging in a variety of activities, both digital and nondigital.

Students who are 100% Remote, meaning they have opted not to attend school in person any day of the week, are still required to connect to their classes and follow their schedules on their Cohort's in-person days. With the exception of study halls, students who are 100% Remote and do not access instruction via posted Google Meets will be marked absent.

Student Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop off and pick up has been much smoother than I expected, however we have some drivers who are entering the parking lot and drop off circle from Main Street. In order to maintain safety of students and drivers, we ask that anyone dropping students off at school in the morning enter school grounds from Allens Hill Road, travel through the end of the back parking lot, and enter the side/front lot from the tennis courts. This allows for one-way traffic in the morning. Be sure to avoid the Main Street bus loop. Beginning on Monday 9/14, Deputy Potter will be directing any parents who are entering at Main Street to the other parking lot. This image displays the traffic flow for a safe arrival to school. At the end of the day, please pick up your students in the same manner.

Thank you for your support of our transportation department and your help in keeping all Bulldogs safe!


Students have been fantastic about following masking protocols. Please know that while the majority of our teachers are providing mask breaks each period, there are a few teachers with compromised immune systems, or household members with compromised immune systems, and students in those rooms will be masked for the duration of the period. In extenuating circumstances, students may ask to visit the main office and I will make arrangements for a brief break. As a reminder, whenever students are engaging in class activities that require movement, masks must be worn.

Our school nurse, Marybeth Tonkery, sent home a comprehensive COVID-19 Health and Safety Handbook to all families. Page 7 of this document refers to masks. Please note that valved masks are not acceptable, as they release particles through the air valve/vent. In addition, masks that are thinner in material and permeable by light and able to let significant amounts of air pass through are not safe. Many "gaiters" consist of thin cotton. Students wearing gaiters may be directed to the nurse's office to have the material checked or may be asked to fold over and double layer the material. If the material is determined to be insufficient, a mask will be provided. Again, this process is for the safety of all individuals in our building. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation!

Parent Participants Wanted!

I am currently seeking parents with students in grades 6-12 to participate on our Shared Decision Making Team. Parents who wish to participate must be available to attend meetings in person from 2:15-3:15 pm on the following dates:

  • October 15, 2020
  • January 14, 2021
  • March 18, 2021

This team will consist of students, teachers, and parents, and will focus on improving the educational experience at HCS. Topics will be set by HCS administration, and the Team will engage in feedback to inform decision making at the secondary level.

I will take the first three parents who express interest. Please reach out via email. I look forward to growing HCS in partnership with families!

2020-21 Student Attendance

Please continue to use the attendance hotline to call in your students when they are sick. If students are ill on their remote instructional days with no intent to engage in work, please call in on these days as well. This will trigger our attendance clerk to mark students as "Absent" versus "Remote," which will notify teachers that students will have additional time (1 day per absence) to complete remote assignments. It is also important for 100% Remote students to be called in when absent and for excuses to be turned in, just as previously done.

Reach out with any questions on this topic.

Safety Drills

This year, safety drills (fire, lockdown, etc.) will look a little different. We will still be conducting these drills several times per year, however fire drills may be staggered and lockdowns will focus on teaching students the process while following mandatory social distancing requirements. Families will not be notified of fire and lockdown drills in advance, but will be notified of lockdown drills after they have taken place.

More To Come...

I always feel like I'm missing several important pieces of information I want to share every time I send these, but I also don't want to make them too long. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for the gift of your children; we sure do love them!

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