By: Marshall Marlow

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Groups of indigenous people, whose ancestors first had Ecuador, were defeated in the 1400's by Incas from he south. The Spanish later took that area in 1534 from the Incan Empire. Antonio Jose De Sucre led a military campaign against the spaniards for independence, Ecuador later gained independence in 1822, and in 1830 they declared themselves a republic.

Land & Climate

The average temperature during the day is 66 F and during the night it is 50 F.

Ecuador has 4 major geographic regions (areas), La Costa (Coastal Lowlands), La Sierra (Andean Highlands), El Oriente (Eastern Lowlands), and Archipelego De Colon (Galapagos Islands) which is 600 miles off the coast. The whole country is just smaller than Italy.

November - May = Rainy Season

June - September = Dry Season

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The population of Ecuador is currently around 15,868,396, has a growth rate of 1.35%, and a urban population of 63.52%.


The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. But Kichwa is spoken by Highland Indian groups, but is still an important part of culture.


Constitution guarantees religious freedom, even then 74% of Ecuadorians belong to a Catholic church. Religion is an important part of culture because it influences cultural aspects in private & public life.


During breakfast, it is appropriate to eat coffee, bread, and eggs. The main meal is usually eaten during the day, and consists of meat, poultry, or seafood with a side of of rice and/or potatoes, a small salad, plantains, and hot sauce on the side. Food usually depends on where you are. Seafood and plantain dishes are traditional in coastal cities. Beef, chicken, and pork in the highlands


Education for the first 9 years are free, primary school enrollment is 95%, but 25% of kids drop out after 5th grade. There are over 100 secondary schools, and grades 7-9 are free. Any grade after, you have to pay to study further. After that, students have a choice of what classes they attend.

Holidays & Celebrations

On January 1st, New Years Day is celebrated. On January 6th, 3 Kings Day is celebrated. On February 12th, Anniversary of the discoveration of the Amazon River is celebrated On February 27th, National Community Spirit Day is celebrated. February/March, Carnaval is celebrated, similar but not as high as the one in Brazil. Easter and Holy Week. May 1st, Labor Day is celebrated. May 24th, Battle of Pinchincha is celebrated. And December 24th, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Hacienda La Alegria is a family ranch kids often go to.

Galapagos Islands is the place to go if you want to look at nature.

Quito's park is for children of all ages to have fun and run around. You can take a cable-car up one mountain side, and come down the other.

Sports in Ecuador include; Futbol (Soccer), bullfighting, tennis, basketball, and much more.


Ecuadorians usually live with their parents until they are married. They believe that if you don't need to leave, you shouldn't. Family in Ecuador is said to be more important than money, sleep, and work. Brothers, sisters, cousins, and parents most likely live in the same household. And even in college, they still come back to their parents' home.