All About Me

Makenzie Boylen-Daley


I love to dance i have been dancing sense I was three years old and i have been dancing for 10 years.

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Animals and pets I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bunny, and 10 goldfish. I love going shopping with my friends and spending time with my family. I love hunting I can go bow hunting or even gun hunting bow hunting is harder because you have to be patient.


I love running track, playing volleyball and also playing softball. I have been playing volleyball for a year this is going to be my second year I have ran track sense 6th grade also I have a private coach for softball its my uncle and he doesn't want me to play on a school team because he has taught me stuff and he doesn't me to get confused.

School subjects and strenghts

My favorite school subject is Math and English because I am both really good at them every year I get really good grades in those two subjects. My biggest strength I would have to say is to help my cousin train her horses because I have been working with horses sense I was 5.


My biggest value is being a leader because I have six sisters and two brothers and they are all younger then me and I really want them to look up to me. But being a leader with my family isn't the only thing I try to be a leader in I also try to be a leader at school in front of the little kids.

How many way that you are smart

Nature smart, music smart and people smart.

learning styles

General learning style/ learn by doing

Math learning style/ tie between and talking it through and seeing problems

Social learning style/ learning with others

Personal Globe Inventory

Holland Code, Artistic, Social, Enterprising

Three career clusters

1. Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications
2. Education and Training
3. Government and Public Administration

Job reseached

Kindergarten teacher

Salary Range, $36,250-$74,220

Bachelor's Degree